Silhouette has released its landmark publication, the Silhouette Handbook. We at Silhouette have worked hard to bring you a comprehensive guide for all-things Silhouette. Click here for more information.

Here are 10 things that you need to know about the newest (and most anticipated) addition to the Silhouette family of products.

1. The Silhouette Handbook is different from a manual

When you think manual, you probably think about an info booklet that comes in the box or that is available online for free. But the Silhouette Handbook isn’t a manual, it’s a compilation of all of the information currently available on the Silhouette Blog, our FAQ, and product packaging.

We’ve compiled all of the information from these sources in an Ebook that opens in Silhouette Studio®. You can open the Ebook in a panel in Silhouette Studio® and work with it directly by your side.

2. The Silhouette Handbook is the perfect companion for first-time Silhouette users

Did you get a Silhouette to help with your small business? Or did you get one because you have DIY projects on your Pinterest board that you are finally ready to try? Welcome to the Silhouette family!

The Silhouette Handbook includes a Quick Start Guide that gives you a crash course in all-things Silhouette. You’ll get an overview of your Silhouette and its accompanying software’s capabilities, dipping your toes into the vast world of Silhouette.

Get the Quick Start Guide now with a free sample of the Silhouette handbook.

3. The Silhouette Handbook is the perfect companion for experienced Silhouette users

Have you been a member of the Silhouette family for a while? If so, you’re probably familiar with a lot of the ins-and-outs of your Silhouette and accompanying products. So why would you need the Silhouette Handbook?

We’re glad you asked! Here at Silhouette we’re constantly updating and adding new products. The Silhouette Handbook compiles everything in one place in case you ever need a refresher. Staying on top of new releases, like Silhouette Studio® 4.0, is made easy with the Silhouette Handbook.

And while we’re talking about Silhouette Studio® 4.0 . . .

4. The Silhouette Handbook walks you through Silhouette Studio® 4.0

Silhouette has just completed a major overhaul of our industry-leading software. With a new interface, a new user experience, and new features, Silhouette Studio® is more powerful than ever.

The Silhouette Handbook walks you through every dropdown menu, button, and setting available in Silhouette Studio® 4.0. And if you ever forget how to do something, you can open the Silhouette Handbook right in the software and get step-by-step help.

There’s even a helpful list of software shortcuts at the back of the handbook. Easily switch between tools, copy and paste objects, create compound paths, and more.


5. The Silhouette Handbook teaches you all the lingo you need to know

But wait a minute, what’s up with the lingo you’ve been slinging around in this post and on the Silhouette Blog? Cut lines, kisscuts, compound paths, lined/unlined media? What does it all mean?

The Silhouette Handbook has you covered. There’s a handy glossary at the back of the handbook to help clarify any terms you’re not familiar with.

6. The Silhouette Handbook is both a catalog of Silhouette products and an ultimate tutorial guide

Do you have a question about how to use a specific Silhouette product? Every single product we sell on is accompanied by an in-depth tutorial. These tutorials will not only teach you how to get the best results, they’ll also save you money, because you’ll know how to get things right on the first try.

7. The Silhouette Handbook is available to our Club Silhouette members  AND Silhouette Design Store subscribers—for free

Become a VIP with Club Silhouette or a Silhouette Design Store subscription and you’ll receive the Silhouette Handbook for free! The Silhouette Handbook will be added automatically to your Silhouette Studio® Library.*

Learn more about Club Silhouette and get a free one-month trial here.

8. The Silhouette Handbook offers on-the-spot troubleshooting

Having a problem with your Silhouette? It won’t be a problem for long! The last chapter of the Silhouette Handbook features common troubleshooting helps. It will walk you through quick fixes for your machines, software, and more.

9. The Silhouette Handbook will be updated periodically—and those updates will be sent to you automatically

As long as your Silhouette Studio® library is connected to the Silhouette Cloud, any updates we make to the Silhouette Handbook will be beamed right to your computer as soon as the update is pushed live. Now you have an inside line to the newest Silhouette features and products to hit the market.

10. You can get a free sample of the Silhouette Handbook right here

As a reward for being loyal Silhouette users and followers, we’ve made a sample of the Silhouette Handbook available for free. This sample includes a table of contents and our Quick Start Guide. With the Quick Start Guide, you can start creating right out of the box.

Why would we give this integral piece of the Silhouette Handbook away for free? Because, believe it or not, the Quick Start Guide is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can download your free sample, which includes the Quick Start Guide, here.

What excites you most about the new Silhouette Handbook?

*Club Silhouette members and Silhouette Design Store subscribers will receive their free Silhouette Handbook after their first payment for their membership or subscription. The Silhouette Handbook will not be added to users’ libraries until after the expiration of their free trial of Club Silhouette or their free-month’s subscription. Questions or concerns regarding this may be directed to Silhouette Support at