By Dec 28, 2017

Party On Custom Stamp

Party on! Let’s get this party started! If you follow my blog or Instagram, you know I love to have fun goodies around to chat about! This custom stamp is no exception. […]

By Dec 27, 2017

Print & Foil Artwork

Hi there! Kelly here again to show you a new technique for adding foil to your projects. You’ve heard of Print & Cut, and perhaps Print & Emboss, but have you heard […]

By Dec 26, 2017

How to Create Perfect Chalkboards for Every Season

I love using my Silhouette CAMEO® to spruce up the decor in my home. My home is decorated in a farmhouse/flea-market style, and I love hunting for treasures at our local antique […]

By Dec 22, 2017

Printing and Cutting in Silhouette ModelMaker™

Silhouette ModelMaker™ is capable of producing a Print & Cut document that can be cut with a Silhouette machine. When your models are designed and ready, you can print the document in the […]

By Dec 21, 2017

Output Window and Nets in Silhouette ModelMaker™

The Output Window is like a print preview page; whatever is displayed in the Output Window is what’s sent to the printer. The Output Window displays nets and projections, as they appear on […]

By Dec 21, 2017

Christmas Tree Gift Box

I downloaded this cute Christmas Tree shape from Silhouette today and played around with a few ideas on how to use it. Since I needed a couple of small gift boxes, I thought using […]

By Dec 20, 2017

Changing Preferences in Silhouette ModelMaker™

To change your Preferences in Silhouette ModelMaker™, go to File > Preferences. This lets you make general changes to things like the default view, unit of measurement, and your toolbars so that […]

By Dec 19, 2017

Drawing in 3D in Silhouette ModelMaker™

Drawings created in ModelMaker™ are in 3D. Although your computer screen is flat and doesn’t have depth, features in ModelMaker™ are in place to create a 3D effect with virtual width, height, and […]

By Dec 19, 2017

Five Last-minute Christmas Gifts

You wake up in a cold sweat. Sitting straight up in bed, you realize something: there are only 3 more days until Christmas. Ahhhhh! In all seriousness, I am here to calm […]

By Dec 18, 2017

Holiday Coasters and Stir Sticks

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to bring on the party accessories. We have a hot cocoa station in our household, and pulling that out has quickly become a […]

By Dec 17, 2017

Silhouette ModelMaker™ Tour

Silhouette ModelMaker™ is a software program that allows you to design 3D shapes on your computer to be cut or Print & Cut with a Silhouette cutting machine. This software is for those […]

By Dec 16, 2017

Mint Studio™ Library and Design Store

Mint Studio™ and Silhouette Studio® both use the Silhouette Design Store for purchasing designs and fonts that can be used in either program. Your designs are connected to the Silhouette account you set […]