By Oct 10, 2018

Dresden Carrie: Silhouette Spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to one of our Silhouette artists, Dresden Carrie. She grew up in Lake Arrowhead, California, but she currently lives in Lehi, Utah. She’s been a Silhouette user […]

By Sep 19, 2018

Photo Stamping With Your Mint

I wanted to take the time to write a full tutorial that highlights some of our strongest features of Silhouette Studio® and Mint Studio™. I recently got married and am still in […]

By Sep 05, 2018

Sweet Afton: Silhouette Spotlight

For this Silhouette Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Laura, the designer behind Sweet Afton. She’s originally from Georgia but has been living in a farmhouse in North Carolina with her […]

By Aug 10, 2018

Silhouette Design Store Overview

If you are a new member of Silhouette Nation, let us be the first to welcome you to our growing (international) family. We can’t wait to walk you through everything you need […]

By Aug 09, 2018

Build Your Library

After you’ve got a Silhouette machine, it’s time to start building up your Silhouette library with designs. The best and easiest way to add designs to your library is by acquiring designs […]

By Aug 08, 2018

Low Everyday Price

The designs in the Silhouette Design Store are priced low to help you save big on whatever project you want to make. Most designs for the Silhouette cutting machines are just $.99. […]

By Aug 07, 2018

Credit Boosts and the Design Store

The Silhouette Design Store is an online marketplace with over 100,000 designs from artists around the world. Once you purchase a design or font, you can use it as many times as […]

By Aug 06, 2018

Silhouette Design Store Subscriptions

You’ve finally arrived! You have your Silhouette machine all set up and ready to go, some materials to cut, and ideas just waiting to come to life. Next, we’re going to talk […]

By Aug 05, 2018

Font Guide

The Silhouette Design Store has a great selection of fonts that you can use to enhance your projects and say just the right words in just the right way. We have over […]

By Aug 04, 2018

Free Cut Files and Fonts

Silhouette always has some free designs available for you. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Now there’s no excuse for you not to create something in those economic slow times. Free Design of […]

By Aug 01, 2018

Megan Hardy Designs: Silhouette Spotlight

Have you heard about Megan Hardy? She’s one of Silhouette’s design artists! Originally, she’s from the Midwest, specifically Chicago and Wisconsin, but she currently lives in Texas. Megan has been working with […]

By Jul 18, 2018

SnapDragon Snippets: Silhouette Spotlight

SnapDragon Snippets is a creative team composed of Kenzie and Mike Daley and Jodi Warner. Kenzie, a trained graphic designer, created the SnapDragon Snippets company (and logo) and joined the QuickKutz Silhouettes […]