By Oct 10, 2018

Dresden Carrie: Silhouette Spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to one of our Silhouette artists, Dresden Carrie. She grew up in Lake Arrowhead, California, but she currently lives in Lehi, Utah. She’s been a Silhouette user […]

By Sep 05, 2018

Sweet Afton: Silhouette Spotlight

For this Silhouette Spotlight, we’d like to introduce you to Laura, the designer behind Sweet Afton. She’s originally from Georgia but has been living in a farmhouse in North Carolina with her […]

By Aug 01, 2018

Megan Hardy Designs: Silhouette Spotlight

Have you heard about Megan Hardy? She’s one of Silhouette’s design artists! Originally, she’s from the Midwest, specifically Chicago and Wisconsin, but she currently lives in Texas. Megan has been working with […]

By Jul 18, 2018

SnapDragon Snippets: Silhouette Spotlight

SnapDragon Snippets is a creative team composed of Kenzie and Mike Daley and Jodi Warner. Kenzie, a trained graphic designer, created the SnapDragon Snippets company (and logo) and joined the QuickKutz Silhouettes […]

By Jun 27, 2018

Gina Marshall: Silhouette Spotlight

This Silhouette Spotlight is all about designer Gina Marshall. Gina is from Austin, Texas. She grew up drawing, painting, studying art, and enjoying many artistic outlets, but she didn’t really envision herself as […]

By Jun 06, 2018

Nic Squirrell: Silhouette Spotlight

We are very excited to tell you a little bit more about Silhouette artist Nic Squirrell. Nic is from a small village in the southeast of England and has been a featured […]

By Apr 26, 2018

Angie Makes: Silhouette Spotlight

For this Silhouette Spotlight, we would like to take a closer look at Angie Makes, who has 363 designs featured in the Design Store. Angie joined Silhouette’s team of artists in January […]

By Mar 21, 2018

Daniela Moscone: Silhouette Spotlight

For this Silhouette spotlight, we are highlighting Daniela Moscone. She is one of our international artists and has been with us since June 2015. Daniela has over 1,000 designs in the Silhouette […]

By Feb 26, 2018

Paige Evans: Silhouette Spotlight

We would consider Paige Evans to be an original Silhouette user. She has been a Silhouette user since 2011. For almost seven years, she has been creating, designing, and crafting amazing projects. […]

By Jan 25, 2018

Tanya Batrak: Silhouette Spotlight

Tanya Batrak is from Kyiv, Ukraine, and she contributes so many cool, unique designs to the Silhouette Design Store. Her motto is “dreams don’t work unless you do.” She joined the Silhouette […]

By Dec 14, 2017

Studio Ilustrado: Silhouette Spotlight

We have some very talented artists who contribute to the Silhouette Design Store. Included among those artists is Studio Ilustrado, which is run by Mauro, and his wife, Juliane, helps him out. […]

By Jul 31, 2017

Planeta Silhouette: Silhouette Spotlight

Did you know that Silhouette users can be found all over the world? In today’s Silhouette Spotlight, we’re featuring Ana, creator of Planeta Silhouette and an artist in the Silhouette Design Store. You can find and […]