By Oct 16, 2018

Mini Totes with Printable Heat Transfer

Tis the season for Halloween parties with lots of sweet tricks and treats! Today we’re going to show you how to create these mini Halloween-themed tote bags. They are a great option […]

By Sep 04, 2018

Printable Heat Transfer Applique

Printable heat transfer is one of the most versatile materials that Silhouette offers. You can print any design and put it on any fabric surface. Today we’ll show you how to create […]

By Aug 29, 2018

DIY Clothing Labels

My kiddo started preschool earlier this month, and I was looking for a way to label her spare clothing because of the occasional wardrobe changes, from potty accidents to sticky/dried slime goo. […]

By Jul 02, 2018

Printable Heat Transfer Material Project Ideas

I know that most people use their Silhouette machines for cutting vinyl, but have you guys ever used the Silhouette Printable Heat Transfer Material? If you haven’t, then I suggest you try […]

By Jun 05, 2018

DIY Matching T-shirt and Bow

Summer is quickly approaching, and this sweet Popsicle design is just the thing you need to remind you to stay cool. I love this adorable t-shirt and matching cheer bow. This would […]

By May 30, 2018

Record Player Heat Transfer

I don’t know about you, but I love vinyl records. Listening to them with my record player gives me a sense of relaxation. I’ve been wanting to customize my record player for […]

By Apr 03, 2018

Silhouette Heat Transfer Materials

Heat transfer is one of the most popular materials to cut with your Silhouette! Using heat transfer, you can design and create custom-made apparel, home décor, and so much more. Heat transfer is a film material […]

By Feb 12, 2018

Mini Pillows Using Printable Heat Transfer Material

One of the things I love about Silhouette is that they have numerous products to chose from, and for this blog post I wanted to create something with the printable heat transfer […]

By Jan 23, 2018

Printable Applique on White Shirt

A week ago, we posted the tutorial about using Printable Heat Transfer for dark fabrics. Today, we will continue with an explanation on how to work with Printable Heat Transfer for light fabrics. Let’s get […]

By Jan 16, 2018

Printable Winter Bear Applique

Today we want to share with you how to apply Printable Heat Transfer onto dark fabric using a winter bear design. If you need any additional help with this process, check out Silhouette’s […]

By Mar 20, 2017

Five Silhouette Projects to Make You Smile

Hey—do you know what today is? It’s the International Day of Happiness! I know, it would be even happier if it was a bona fide holiday, but we’ve gotta work with what […]

By Mar 11, 2017

Heat Transfer Roundup

Heat Transfer Material is such a fun and versatile material! Whether it be for home decor items, clothing, party supplies…heat transfer material has you covered! Today in this round-up post I am going to […]