By Feb 14, 2018

DIY Kissy Lips Seals

Today, we wanted to share how you can make your own transparent DIY Kissy Lips Seals for your pretty envelopes or packages. We also show you how you can change the color of an image […]

By Feb 09, 2018

DIY Valentine’s Day Student Card

My name is Chad Boender, and I am a kindergarten teacher and the author of a blog called Male Kindergarten Teacher. Creating handmade Valentine’s Day gifts for my students is one of […]

By Feb 07, 2018

DIY Heart Patterned Gift Boxes

If you need a creative break, come on over and make pretty things with us. These DIY Heart Patterned Gift Boxes would be a great packaging idea for your beloved ones. You can […]

By Feb 05, 2018

Made With Love

Nothing brings me joy like giving gifts to friends and family that are made with love. It doesn’t matter what time of the year; I can tell you that baking cookies and […]

By Jan 30, 2018

Lips Matching Game

With this week’s tutorial, we wanted to show you that you can take any design in the Silhouette Design Store and totally customize it. For example, this Valentine’s Day Garland design is […]

By Jan 24, 2018

Become a Print & Cut Pro

How are your Print & Cut skills? Kelly here, and today I’ll show you how to create some Print & Cut valentines, but the techniques translate well beyond this simple kids craft […]

By Jan 18, 2018

Valentine’s Day Pillow

I have been wanting to make a pillow like this for Valentine’s Day. But the thought of cutting out all of those hearts was the one thing that discouraged me from giving […]

By Jan 08, 2018

Valentine Monogram Gift

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I want to make sure my kids have personalized goodies that make them feel special and loved. You can use this simple DIY Silhouette project in a […]

By Nov 08, 2017

A Gift For All Seasons

Every year I try to come up with the perfect homemade gift for my family members. I am not exaggerating when I say I have been doing this since I was eight […]

By Feb 19, 2017

Get Rid Of Vinyl Bubbles With This Simple Tip

How many times have you meticulously cut and weeded a design only to have it crease and bubble when you apply it to your item of choice? I can’t even count the […]

By Feb 14, 2017

Save Your Valentine’s Day With The Mint

Looking for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day project? Did your kids tell you last minute that their Valentine’s Day party at school is tomorrow? No worries—your Silhouette Mint has your back! […]

By Feb 12, 2017

Quick, Cute, And Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Day Crafts

Hi crafty friends! I don’t know about you but I *love* Valentine’s Day, everything about it! Some of my favorite memories of growing up with my sister are the times when she […]