Hello!  It’s Carrie and I’m here to show you how to make a fun gender reveal popper for the special expecting couple in your life. I love any reason to throw a fun party.  I’ve never attended or had a gender party before myself but I’ve seen TONS of pictures/videos of other people’s.

I was honored to be chosen as the announcer for my unofficial sister-in-law (it’s my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law!)

I wanted to come up with a new way to reveal the gender from what I’ve already seen done.  I was inspired while seeing party popper kits out shopping one day and thought ” I bet I can make those!”  And then off to the Silhouette Design Store I went because honestly if it doesn’t exist there…well…that never happens. I always seem to find what I need.

I only received the gender envelope one day before the big event, so I made both gender’s poppers just in case. Let’s pop into action! (hehe)

The Supply List:

  • regular printer paper (you want it thin and easily torn)
  • toilet paper roll
  • twine/ribbon
  • confetti (I chose to make my own dissolving kind for easy outdoor use, details on my blog)
  • printable fabric
  • double sided adhesive
  • Silhouette Design Store – #95154 hexagon candy box
  • Silhouette Design Store – #133478: sprinkles pattern
  • Silhouette Design Store – #78355: pennants

1. Prep The Pieces In Silhouette Studio®

Simply open up the sprinkles pattern, fill the printer paper size, and print it out.  

This will be your patterned paper for the candy box.  I printed 2 sheets so I could cover the tube as well.

Make your own gender reveal popper

Next, open up the candy box pattern in a new page and size it to fit the paper.  I made mine roughly 10.5 in. long and 6.5 in. wide.  I also added a dashed line running down the center of the tube so it would tear easier.

Make your own gender reveal popper

2. Cut Out Your Poppers

Go ahead and cut your design out of your patterned paper.  

I used cut settings:

  • Blade: 3
  • Speed: 8
  • Thickness: 20

Carefully, with your spatula tool, remove that paper from your cutting mat.  Copy paper is thin and will easily tear if you just try to grab and pull it off.

How to make a gender reveal popper

3. Create The Surprise Inside

Finally, design your announcement banner.  

How to make a gender reveal popper

I used the yellow shape pennant for mine and simply just wrote the words “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!” so I had both options ready.  The font is called Be Bright and I just centered it in the flag.  

(I filled the sheet to have extras on hand if needed.)

Then it’s as easy as using a Print & Cut using the printable fabric material.

How to make a gender reveal popper

Putting The Poppers Together

1. Cut the toilet paper tube in half and cover it in the patterned paper.  

I cut mine down to about 2 in. wide and then wrapped it and cut off the excess.

How to make a gender reveal popper

2. Cut a piece of twine about 12 in. long and tape the flag to the center.  

Tape both ends inside the tube sections making sure it’s centered and roll up the flag inside. Wrap your box pattern around the tube and tie off one end.

How to make a gender reveal popper

3. Fill the tube with your confetti and tie off the other end.  

I purposely made the pattern shorter than the tube so there is an easy spot for them to hold the tube when they go to pull it.

How to make a gender reveal popper

Ta-Daa!!  It’s ready to be popped open.

How to make a gender reveal popper

By the way…it’s a little girl!

Also, did you know that the printable fabric has a heat transfer backing on it?  Oh yes it does!

Guess what you can do with that announcement flag once the big reveal is over? Sometime in early January, I’ll be making a statistic pillow featuring this flag, her name, and her birth information for this sweet baby girl coming. (Just gotta make sure they don’t get it wet or the ink will wash off!)

What other types of events do you see yourself making poppers for?  Share your ideas in the comments below!