Ah, love—the thing the world needs most right now. I’m taking the opportunity to smother people in that love lately, so we’ll put our focus into Valentines Day for now . . . but keep spreading those warm vibes year round, k? I’m not a fan of this one-day dedication when our daily lives should be giant love letters to each other.

Whether it’s Valentine Cards for the kiddos, holiday decor for the occasion or any other token of admiration, when you add the magic powers of your Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Curio™, or Silhouette Mint™ to the mix, you’re sure to be a handmade heart throb. Into it. To get your crafting kicked off, I’ve rounded up 8 Must-Have Valentine Crafts below that are sure to inspire your February 14th, 15th and every other day of the love-spreadin’ year.

1. Xo, Hot Cocoa

There’s been plenty of times I’ve pondered writing a lengthy love letter to one of winter’s main baes- Hot Chocolate. Nothing makes love feel like a warm hug quite like some hot cocoa on a cold day. This Xo, Hot Cocoa was one of my favorite projects a few years ago, and looking back it still is! I filled the end of the spoon with different cocoa combinations, and then added the XO design to the handle using Silhouette’s Stencil Material. Package these cuties up and you’re Valentine will be heart-eyeing you hard.

2. Stamped Valentine Art

I am a sucker for clean, simple art and this Stamped Valentine Art is one after my own heart. Use your Silhouette Mint ™ or Silhouette Stamp Material and turn a plain piece of 8.5 in. x 11 in. paper into an adorable piece of decor you can hang in your home well past the day-o-love. You can explore the differences between Silhouette’s stamping options here.

3. Sketch Pen Valentine’s Party Treat Bags

Valentine’s Day parties are right around the corner. Creating these adorable custom treat bags with Silhouette’s Sketch Pens will give your little ones a place to package up some sweet treats for their friends, with a handmade touch. You can find the full tutorial for these here.

4. Non-Sweet Valentine Treat

Heyyyyo, parents who are over their sugar infused children, post Valentine Day Parties at school- we’ve got you covered. How adorable is this love-themed tic-tac-toe set? Sending these as a Non-Sweet Valentine Treat alternative will keep the kiddos content, teachers happy, and parents everywhere glad their child isn’t getting their paws on another piece of heart shaped candy. Do I hear Room Mom of the Year? 

5. Sketch Pen Valentine

A Valentine that doubles as a coloring sheet? Sign me up! I absolutely adore this idea, and if I could transport back in time, I’m certain my younger self would favor this Valentine too. Using the Silhouette Sketch Pens to create the design outline, gives a hand drawn feel while allowing the kiddos to add the color. You can find more on these Valentines here.

6. Valentine’s Gift Idea: Notecard Set

Valentines aren’t just for the kids. The adoration I have for this Valentine’s Gift Idea: Notecard Set is big. Love letters are my jam, and my heart would pitter receiving this perfect little package of handmade notecards that I could use to continue to spread the love. A gift that keeps on giving. For a full list of the shapes used to create this set, check out the whole post here.

7. Retro Valentine Mailbox

Now, where to house all those love letters? How about in the most adorable Retro Valentine Mailbox? I’m voting these to be how mailboxes look in the real world. I’d send even more mail than I already do– Holy cute! These would be a perfect project for a teacher to do with their students, to then be filled with the Valentines they received. Or, maybe it can be a place in your house where you drop love letters to each other year round. Remember, expressing love isn’t a one-day deal. The full tutorial is here.

8. Conversation Heart Balloons

Last but not least, no party is complete without the cutest decor, right? Well, if this candy heart balloon tassel isn’t the most adorable way to add the perfect touch of festiveness then I don’t know what is! Using a simple print & cut method, you can find more details on this project here. 

As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches,  I hope this round-up helps spark some inspiration. Now, get out there, love warriors. Spread those warm-fuzzies, in really cute handmade ways. Xo!

What Valentine’s Craft makes your heart burst?