We’d like to introduce you to one of our Silhouette artists, Dresden Carrie. She grew up in Lake Arrowhead, California, but she currently lives in Lehi, Utah. She’s been a Silhouette user since 2009, and she joined the artist team in 2014.

Dresden studied graphic design at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, and got her first design job working at Silhouette. “I worked as a graphic designer there for three years until I had my twins and ended up quitting to stay home with them. When they got a little older I submitted my application to be an artist for the Design Store and was accepted. I have absolutely loved it!”

When it comes to inspirational creators, Dresden says she has a few. “I met Lori Whitlock, Amy Robison, and Jeana Goodwin (Felicity Jane) while working at Silhouette, and they have always inspired me. They are BEYOND creative and always have the most amazing ideas. I love being around creative people because they have a way of bringing out the creativity in me.”

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Dresden loves being creative and seeing her designs come to life with the Silhouette machines. “Even after nine years of using the Silhouette machines, I am still amazed at how intricately they can cut and the endless number of things I can create.”

When we asked Dresden what her favorite machine is, she said, “I’ll always love the CAMEO, but I’ve made some fun things with my Mint. I’d also love to try the Curio!”

If you’ve seen any of the Dresden Carrie designs, you know that Dresden has a very distinct style. “I have always been obsessed with flowers since I was tiny, and you can see that a lot of my cards and designs involve flowers. With three girls in our home, things tend to be feminine and girly, so my designs lean that direction as well.”

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Dresden loves to working with the heat transfer material. “My twin girls love having custom shirts for holidays, but holiday shirts in stores either sell out or aren’t as cute as something I could design or find in the Design Store.”

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Even the best designers and artists get creative block sometimes, and Dresden is no exception. “Creative blocks are the worst! To get over creative blocks, I try to step away for a while, sometimes even a day or two, and think of something completely different. I close my office door and forget about what I was working on. Our family loves going for bike rides, and being outside always helps my mind have a fresh start.”

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For people who are just starting their creative journeys with Silhouette, Dresden had this advice to offer: “Just get your machine out and start cutting! It doesn’t have to be a specific project or anything, just start playing around with the software and see what amazing things you can easily and quickly create. When working at Silhouette, I talked to so many people who said their machine was still in the box. Get it out! Once you start using it, you’ll figure it out quickly and be creating amazing things in no time.”

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