Our newest accessory, the Auto Sheet Feeder is coming soon! With the Auto Sheet Feeder you can craft like it’s your business.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ultimate Print & Cut accessory, before you add it to your cart this fall.

What Is An Auto Sheet Feeder?

The Auto Sheet Feeder is an accessory machine inspired by the makers who turned crafting into small businesses during the global pandemic. Most cutting machines require a person to send every design through the machine one at a time. We noticed that as small business crafters created projects and custom orders, the time and stress of loading and unloading each design from the machine was limiting valuable time they could spend on the other parts of crafting they loved most. The Auto Sheet Feeder is our way of empowering all crafters with the ability to save time and create more. 

How It Works

The Auto Sheet Feeder is a companion machine that cycles a stack of sheet materials through your cutting machine automatically. Groups of sheet materials up to 4.4 mm thick are placed into the machine’s load tray. After selecting the job’s settings in Silhouette Studio, the sheets in the load tray will be moved through your cutting machine one by one, matless. As each sheet is completed, it is automatically ejected underneath the load tray or behind the machine. The technology functions in a similar way to a paper feeder on a printer, so it’s a familiar process right out of the box. 

Available In Two Sizes

The Auto Sheet Feeder comes in two sizes – the Standard Auto Sheet Feeder, and the A3 Plus Auto Sheet Feeder. These models match our cutting machines and the most common material sizes.

The Standard Auto Sheet Feeder is compatible with A4 or US Letter size sheet materials. If you have a Portrait 3 or Cameo 4, this is the size for you. This standard size accessory is not compatible with the Cameo 4 Plus, Cameo 4 Pro, or other older cutting machine models.

The Auto Sheet Feeder A3 Plus is larger than the standard size Sheet Feeder. It holds both standard A4 and US Letter size sheet materials, as well as wider materials that are up to A3 or 12 inches wide. If you have a Cameo 4 Plus or Cameo 4 Pro, this is the size for you. The Auto Sheet Feeder A3 Plus is not compatible with the Cameo 4, Portrait 3 or other older cutting machine models.

Use Blades and Tools You Already Own

The Auto Sheet Feeder is compatible with all ‘Carriage 1’ tools for current cutting machine models, including the Pen Holder, Auto Blades, and Manual Blades. These tools allow you to create ‘Kiss Cut’ designs for stickers, ‘Pop-out Cuts’ on stiffer, non-adhesive materials like cardstock, and sketched designs using the Pen Holder.

Whether you’re making stickers for your planner, hand sketched cards for the holidays, or party decorations, the Auto Sheet Feeder helps you get more done with the tools that you already have.

Unlock an Exclusive Feature in Silhouette Studio

Perhaps the most impressive feature is that when you are connected to your Auto Sheet Feeder, all Silhouette Studio® software editions can unlock access to the smart Barcode feature that is normally exclusive to the Business Edition upgrade. Barcodes remember the settings for each page of designs, allowing you to process multiple designs on various materials within a single stack. You can even print a design now and cut it later without reopening the file.

If you upgrade your software to the full Business Edition, you’ll be able to create and share barcodes for each design document without plugging into your sheet feeder. The Auto Sheet Feeder is not Bluetooth compatible so you will need to be connected to a computer to send sheets with barcodes through the accessory machine. The barcode feature maximizes your creativity with freedom to create when and where you’d like. 

Where you can buy

The Auto Sheet Feeder will be available to purchase internationally through authorized distributors and, by the end of this Fall, online at SilhouetteAmerica.com or Amazon. The Auto Sheet Feeder can be purchased for $79.99 USD and the Auto Sheet Feeder A3 Plus for $99.99 USD. Check with your local craft supply retailer to learn when it will be available in a store near you!

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