Well hello, June!

Thank you, Mother Nature, for the fabulous Florida spring weather. Now, it’s time to get ready for some summer fun! Beach days occupy most of our summer bucket list around here, but we like to have other fun things to look forward to, as well.

Need some summer prep ideas too? Check out my top favorite ideas from this very blog to get you started.

Monogrammed Beach Bag

We definitely “need” a new monogrammed bag to tote some beach goodies down by the water, right? It’s no problem achieving that with Heat Transfer and a blank canvas bag.

I’ve heard some crafters think you must have a heat press to use heat transfer. Not true! I don’t own one and I use heat transfer all the time. My little household iron does the job just fine.


Rhinestone Swimsuit Cover Up

Full disclosure:  I’ve never done a rhinestone project. But guess what I ordered after I saw this swimsuit cover up while I was preparing this blog post? Yep, a Rhinestone Starter Kit.

So cute, right? And all the tropical design possibilities in the Design Store


Scratch-off Summer Travel Cards

Ever since this project was posted last year I have been thinking about how I want to adapt it for my summer plans with my kids.

It’s such a great idea. Kids love scratch-off stuff. Even more exciting is Silhouette now has Printable Scratch-off stickers so you can customize the actual scratch-off part. Neat, huh?


Adventure Savings Jar


We need to save for those fun trips somehow, right? How about dropping your change into a cute, colorful savings jar?  You can adapt the design to whatever you might be saving for. Theme parks, water parks, beach vacation, mountain getaway, camping trip…

I love this idea because it teaches kids to be a part of the planning and makes the adventure that much more meaningful to them because they helped pay for it.


Summer Quilt

Wow. Quilters take the talent bar to a whole new level, don’t they? This summer quilt was made possible by cutting the fabric appliqués on the CAMEO®. She used simple shapes in bright, beautiful, summer colors to bring this quilt to life. Love it!


Hello Summer Mini Album

For all you scrapbookers out there, get ready for all those summer pics by making a mini album to put them all in. At first glance I thought this was a store-bought themed album with extra embellishments to add to the pages. However, the album, the box to store it in, and most of the embellishments are found in the Design Store. It’s so cute, I would leave it out on the coffee table for visitors to admire.

Because you can use the purchased design as many times as you want, it would be fun to have each child create their own and add photos of their favorite memories all summer long.


Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

I’ve got one more idea for you. Plan ahead for 4th Of July with these festive ice cream cone wrappers.


They take like four seconds to make. (Alright, maybe not four seconds, but way less time than it takes to scoop ice cream for a crowd).

I like how the cut out stars can be used as table confetti.


There you have it! Several ideas to get your creative summer juices flowing. No excuses now.

Are you ready for summer?