This fun letter set can be used in so many ways. I decided to create a Spring Chalkboard Sign.

Here are the supplies you need to create your own DIY Spring Sign:

  • CAMEO, Portrait, or Curio
  • Chalkboard surface (mine came unfinished from the craft store and I just added a quick coat of blue paint to the frame)
  • double sided adhesive
  • glitter pastels
  • small paint brush






Step 1: Arrange design in software. (I added a flower accent)




Step 2: Apply double sided adhesive sheet to cutting mat and insert into machine. Cut design.

Cut adhesive paper



Step 3: Remove design from mat, then remove yellow backing and apply to surface. Remove white top sheet off of adhesive leaving the double sided adhesive in place. (I wanted to add glitter on in color sections, so I left some parts covered to keep colors isolated.)

Adhesive application



Step 4: Using a small soft brush, gently apply glitter to adhesive.

applying glitter



Step 5: After all glitter is applied, you’ll brush off the excess to reveal your new sparkly design. (hint: I vacuum over mine to remove the extra glitter just be really careful.)

Spring Sign Flower



Super cute and ready for spring!

DIY Spring Glitter Sign By Blooming Homestead