When I laid my eyes on the Metallic Vinyl, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to accentuate the knobs on a dresser of some sort. It just so happened that the night stands in my room were in dire need of a makeover. I wanted a bold paint color on them, so I went with a bright green called Easy Street. I knew a gold knob would finish them off perfectly.

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Pick A Design

Pick a design in the Silhouette Design Store if you want a more fancy cutout behind your knob. I tried out a few but decided that a small gold circle would compliment the knobs I chose the best. I just created my circle in Silhouette Studio® and made it a touch bigger than the knob. Do whatever you prefer personally.

Step 2: Cut Out Design

Cut out your vinyl with the appropriate settings. For this particular vinyl, use Speed 5, Thickness 10, and Depth 1.

Step 3: Prepare Dresser For Vinyl

Prepare your dresser by painting and finishing it. Center your vinyl exactly over the hole where you’ll place the knob.

Step 4: Make A Hole For The Knob

Use a sharp tool, such as an X-ACTO blade, and make a small hole in the vinyl after you have placed it exactly over the hole.

Step 5: Insert Knob

Insert knob and secure it with the nut that was provided when the knob was purchased.

Now step back and enjoy the results of your labors! This project is truly so simple to put together, and it makes a big statement. I know I will enjoy these night stands for years to come. The best part? When I am ready for a change, I can peel off the vinyl easily and replace it with my next vision.