Spring has officially sprung, and flowers are blooming and budding everywhere you turn! These daisy flower crowns are perfect to celebrate this awakening! Make them for Mother’s Day, for birthday parties, or spring soirees.

Materials Needed:

Step One: Preparing the Designs

1. Insert Design ID #1115 into Silhouette Studio®. Change the page settings to 12 inches by 24 inches. Size the flower to 2 inches in diameter and use the Replicate panel to duplicate the flower.

2. Position the daisies so the petals overlap

3. Duplicate the daisies again so that they fit the length of the 24-inch long paper.

4. Select all the daisies and, using the modify panel, weld the shapes together, so it creates one connected chain of daisies.

5. Now the base of your crown is ready to cut! Send the design to cut with the appropriate cut settings.

6. Insert the remaining daisy design files into Silhouette Studio®. Size them so that they are all in between 1.5 inches and 2.5 inches wide. Cut them out in various shades of cardstock and in vellum.

Step Two: Assembling the Crown

1. Now you should have a whole garden of paper daisies to adorn your crowns with!

2. If you’d like, use spray paint to add some texture to the daisies. Glue on your daisies to the band, layering them and alternating colors. You can use your fingers or scissors to curl the petals slightly to add more dimension.

3. Connect the two ends together with glue and pop on your crown!