Anyone want to fill their homes with more greenery this year? Perhaps you love the look of house plants but seem to have a hard time keeping them alive? Well this paper snake plant is the answer! It’s really simple to create and adds a touch of the outdoors to any corner of your space.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting the Design

1. Insert your design into Silhouette Studio®. The design comes with 8 varying leaf shapes. For my plant arrangement, I used about 16 leaves varying in height from 6–12 inches tall. Adjust the dimensions of the design to suit your taste and cut the leaves out of cardstock.

*Tip: You can right-click on the design and select Ungroup to adjust each individual leaf as opposed to all 8 simultaneously.

Step Two: Preparing Your Leaves

1. Once all your leaves are cut, we’re ready to add some texture to them! If you look up what a snake plant looks like, you’ll see they have some variegated stripes running across the leaves.

2. To achieve this, water down some acrylic paint and paint on some rough stripes running perpendicular to the leaf. Create a blurry edge stripe by quickly moving your paint brush up and down as you paint the stripe.

3. Then outline the whole leaf with the same watered down paint. Let Dry.

4. Hot glue a wire stem to the back of each leaf.

5. Gently bend each leaf to give it a wavy look.

6. Place into your vase filled with floral foam or dried beans and arrange!