Caring for your Silhouette blade will ensure the longest life possible. You’ll know it’s time for a new blade when performance declines. I’ve been known to always keep a brand new blade waiting on deck. I’ve also been known to keep a blade past it’s prime in case of crafting emergency. I think this qualifies as supply hoarding!

Let’s review some Silhouette Blade basics:


Even though they look really cute in that chic marshmallow housing, the Silhouette Blade is incredibly sharp and will cut you. Take care when handling, adjusting the blade and storing when not in use.


Don’t throw it in a drawer, where it could be damaged. When not in use, store it in the original packaging or the handy CAMEO 3 storage space.

This “blade garage” is so convenient! There’s officially room for two, but I fit four in mine! (The two not seated into the storage holes are specifically placed blade side up, to prevent damage)


If you see paper bits or adhesive stuck to the blade, it’s time for cleaning.

This one is ready to be cleaned. Can you tell I’ve been cutting adhesive vinyl?

To clean the blade, simply unscrew the cap and wipe off the tiny bits of paper inside. You can use a small lint-free cloth or cotton swab to remove any adhesive that may be stuck to the blade.

Pro tip: Unscrew the cap with the blade tab. Remember that funny little tab with two circular holes in it? It’s designed for unscrewing the top of your blade! I keep mine in the Silhouette CAMEO® tray.

If you’ve misplaced the tab, no worries. Use a small set of pliers to unscrew it gently. When you have finished cleaning, screw the top securely into place and store it for your next craft adventure.


All of the blades can be cleaned. Here’s my blade lineup with caps removed:

(From left to right)

  1. Silhouette Ratchet Blade – Compatible with all Silhouette cutting tools
  2. Silhouette Fabric Blade – Compatible with all Silhouette cutting tools
  3. Silhouette Deep-Cut Blade – Recommended for use with the Silhouette Curio
  4. Silhouette Premium Blade – Compatible with all Silhouette cutting tools, this blade will last three times longer than the standard Silhouette Blade. Well worth a look!

And not pictured above, but clean-able:

  1. Silhouette AutoBlade – Auto-adjusting blade designed for use with the CAMEO 3. This blade is a major upgrade in convenience, because your CAMEO 3 does all the work! No more lining up the red mark in the adjustment socket. No interruptions and adjustments. Just set the AutoBlade in the left side of the CAMEO 3 dual carriage and go!



Do you have a blade-saving tip to share?