Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition and higher provides the ability to convert images into rhinestone patterns for rhinestone sizes 6ss, 10ss, 16ss, and 20ss.

You’ll find the Rhinestone panel in the Designer Edition software on the right-hand side with your panels, toward the bottom. The icon looks like a rhinestone.

This panel allows you to select a rhinestone effect, choose the rhinestone sizes, change the spacing, and draw rhinestones.

Let’s look at the Rhinestone Effects. We will select the design and pick an effect. We’ve given this a fill color so it’s easy to see. The first option removes any rhinestone effect and reverts a converted image back into a regular line.

The “Edge” selection provides a rhinestone path around the edge of all lines present in the design.

“Linear Fill” fills the image with a fill type that’s a series of straight lines.

“Radial Fill” fills the image with a circular series of rhinestones starting from the outer edge and going inward.

Selecting a rhinestone size will immediately adjust your image to show the pattern with the selected size applied.

The spacing option allows you to adjust how close the rhinestones will be in your pattern. Lower values bring your rhinestones closer together and provide a higher level of detail, but increase the number of rhinestones needed for your image.

We will use the input box to type in 0.060 inches.

Draw Rhinestones lets you place rhinestones wherever you want. You can make a single click, or you can click and drag to create a continuous line of rhinestones in the selected size.

Your options above are still available to you for changing the size or spacing of your drawn rhinestones.

Release Rhinestones will release the rhinestone pattern and allow you to move, delete, or otherwise manipulate individual parts of the rhinestone pattern you’ve created.

A counter is provided at the bottom of the rhinestone panel to show a live count of how many rhinestones of each size appear in your workspace. It will show totals just for selected shapes, or totals for everything in your workspace if nothing is selected.

Unlike premade templates, you can buy from the Design Store where the circle size is fixed and resizing is not possible, you can resize images after they are converted in this Rhinestone Panel. The program will keep the correct rhinestone size selected. Your image will simply be adjusted automatically to recalculate the necessary rhinestones for the image as it’s being resized.

This Designer Edition feature for rhinestones adds a lot of versatility if you want to convert regular designs into rhinestone patterns. Be sure to check out our other posts and videos for Designer Edition features.