It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and I want to make sure my kids have personalized goodies that make them feel special and loved. You can use this simple DIY Silhouette project in a MILLION different ways. I have four uses that are perfect for your little (or big) valentines.

  1. Use it as a party decoration and fill with decorative straws
  2. Make a DIY station for hot chocolate and they can use as a cup
  3. Fill your vessel with sweet treats for your valentine
  4. Fill with baking utensils and have a DIY cookie party

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Create Your Circle Monogram

  1. After purchasing the monogram in the Design Store, locate Design ID #176149 by locating the design in your library. Double-click to bring the design into Silhouette Studio®. 
  2. Now that the design is pulled up, you will want to Ungroup the design. To do so, select the design and right-click. Then select Ungroup.
  3. Now your shapes will all be separate. Collect the initials you’d like to use and set them aside. Typical monograms list the initials in this order: first, last, middle. 

Step 2: Cut Out the Monogram

  1. When you open the Send tab, everything the CAMEO will cut will be highlighted in red…the color of love! 😉 
  2. Choose “Vinyl” from the menu and adjust your blade to the recommended settings. If you are using an Auto Blade, you will not need to adjust your blade by hand.
  3. Load the vinyl into your CAMEO, click “Send.” Your machine will now cut out your design.

Step 3: Prepare and Apply the Monogram

  1. When the CAMEO is finished cutting, weed out the excess vinyl with your hook tool.
  2. With the help of transfer tape (I live for this stuff), carefully apply the monogram to your vessel. 

I hope you enjoyed this simple and sweet Valentines Day idea! All you need is love… and a monogram!

This blog post was contributed by Jessica of the blog Live Like A Mother. Follow her for more inspiring Silhouette projects.