You might be familiar with our advent calendar, but we decided to put a new spin on it for Valentine’s Day! If you’re at a loss of what to do for your sweetheart, this is the perfect solution! Fill each box with a sweet note or treat for your special someone and let them open each one over time or all at once! You can also easily customize this for a birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s and Father’s day!

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Supplies Needed:

Step One: Cutting out your pieces

You advent calendar purchase will include the design files needed to decorate your calendar. Keep in mind that this calendar was originally meant for Christmas, so it includes seasonal files and a holiday background scene. For this Valentine’s Day version, we’re just using the basic triangle shapes and numbers, and added a few extra touches! You can customize this to your heart’s content!

1. The “Advent Box Faces” design files comes with everything you’ll need for the advent calendar basics. You’ll need 25 triangle pieces to cover each box. We used 10–12 different patterned papers and cut 2–3 triangles out of each type.

2. You can choose to use the triangles with tabs, the plain triangles, or a combination of both! Whichever you prefer. You can also use the numbers provided, or use a different font, which is what I chose! I cut out numbers 1–25 using the Circus Font by Lori Whitlock (Design ID #90298). For a few numbers, I outlined them with hearts to make them pop.

3. For a finishing touch, we created a little banner for the top of the calendar to say “25 Reasons I Love You” using the same Circus Font as the numbers. We used the Print & Cut feature to print the image and cut perfectly around it.

4. Now that all the components are ready, you can start to glue them to your boxes!

Step Two: Assembling the Calendar

1. Arrange your pieces how you’d like them and then glue the numbers onto the triangles. Then glue the triangles onto the fronts of the boxes.

2. Fill each box with a love note and treat or gift if you would like!

3. Arrange the boxes into the frame, add the banner to the top, and set out for your loved one to discover!

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