By Feb 17, 2022

Everything to Know About Silhouette Studio® Upgrades

Silhouette is all about giving our crafters the tools you need to create, and that includes our design programs! Our flagship software is Silhouette Studio®, the industry-leading program that powers our cutting machines. When you take your machine out of the box for the first time, you’ll also need to install Silhouette Studio. This software […]

By Aug 02, 2019

Silhouette Studio 4.2 – Edition Toggling

Silhouette Studio® version 4.2 Business Edition has a handy new feature for those who teach or create software videos or tutorials. If you have Business Edition, you can quickly choose which edition you want active. Go to Help>View In and choose between Business Edition, Designer Edition Plus, Designer Edition, or Standard Edition. Downgrading here temporarily […]

By Jun 26, 2019

Silhouette Studio 4.2 – Font Creation and Digital Font Creation

Silhouette Studio® v 4.2 Business Edition adds the exciting new features of Font Creation and Digital Font Creation. With Font Creation you can use your own handwriting to create a font that can be used in Silhouette Studio® and other applications. With Digital Font creation, you can use other shapes and designs assigned to letters […]

By Jun 05, 2019

Silhouette Studio® Features

The Silhouette Studio® software is the powerhouse behind any Silhouette cutting machine. It’s loaded with so many features that can do so many different things. If you’re wondering what features are available and what each feature does, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the list of every feature offered in the four editions of […]

By Mar 01, 2019

Design View vs. Media Layout View (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides different viewing choices to let us view both the original Design View and a Media Layout View. Design View is basically “what you see is what you get,” and you can stick with that traditional view in all versions of Silhouette Studio®. However, when using the Business Edition of the software, there is an […]

By Jan 18, 2019

Multi-cutter Support (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio’s Business Edition upgrade provides multi-cutter support. This means that when using the Business Edition, you have the ability to send cut jobs to multiple Silhouette cutting units at the same time as they are hooked up to your computer. To send jobs to multiple Silhouette units connected at the same time, here’s what you do. 1. […]

By Dec 07, 2018

Matrix Copy Feature (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides a Matrix Copy feature. This feature lets you create a series of multiple copies of the same project. They’re replicated during the processing of the cut job but don’t actually alter or affect your original design. The Copy feature is available only when running Business Edition in the Media Layout mode. Let’s take a look using this […]

By Oct 12, 2018

Import Ai, EPS, CDR in Silhouette Studio® (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition lets us directly open Ai, EPS, and CDR files, which have been created from other major vector-imaging software programs (such as Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDraw®). The Business Edition does NOT provide the ability to SAVE as Ai, EPS, or CDR files. To access this feature in the Business Edition, choose the Open icon. Navigate to the place where you have the […]

By Sep 28, 2018

Automated Nesting Preview Mode (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides an Automated Nesting preview mode where shapes are automatically nested within the Media Layout View. This provides efficient usage of the material being cut while maintaining the image’s original positioning in the Design View, and allows us to continue editing and refining the design. In this example, we have several overlapped shapes […]

By Aug 13, 2018

Tiling Feature (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition provides an automated Tiling feature, which is available only in the Business Edition’s Media Layout mode. The tiling feature gives you a method by which a larger job can be cut into a series of smaller tiles. Those tiles can then be assembled after the cutting process is complete to create the finished large-scale […]

By Jan 23, 2018

Export Options for Silhouette Studio® (Business Edition)

Here’s a new feature many of you have been wishing for a long time. In Silhouette Studio® 4.1 Business Edition, users now have the option to export user-created content to SVGs, PNG, PDFs, and JPG files. You may have noticed the bounding box now shows a dotted line for designs from the Silhouette Design Store. […]

By Jan 22, 2018

Automated Weed Line feature (Business Edition)

Silhouette Studio® Business Edition has an automated weed line feature. This allows you to create dividing lines between shapes for easier weeding of materials, such as vinyl and heat transfer. 1. When running Business Edition, the Weed Settings panel can be found toward the bottom of your panels along the right-hand side. Remember if your screen is […]