By Mar 08, 2019

Using Filters in Mint Studio™

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about filters in Mint Studio™. The Mint Studio™ software has a selection of filters to apply a variety of effects to your stamp. Let’s look at these filters so […]

By Nov 30, 2018

Shapes and Frames in Mint Studio™

Mint Studio™ has a selection of shapes and frames you can use while designing your custom stamps. These are found among the other drawing tools along the left. This tutorial will show […]

By Oct 26, 2018

Mint Studio™ Stamp Tools (Outlines, Fills, and Color Previews)

Mint Studio™ has some tools at the bottom of the screen to change the visual elements of your stamp, such as outlines, fills, and colors. We’ve got a few different designs open […]

By Sep 07, 2018

Text Tools in Mint Studio™

The text tools in Mint Studio™ are an excellent way to customize your stamps. Typing text is as simple as choosing the Text tool on the left, placing a cursor on the […]

By Dec 16, 2017

Mint Studio™ Library and Design Store

Mint Studio™ and Silhouette Studio® both use the Silhouette Design Store for purchasing designs and fonts that can be used in either program. Your designs are connected to the Silhouette account you set […]

By Dec 11, 2017

Importing Designs in Mint Studio™

Mint Studio™ can turn various designs into stamp images, including both vector art and color or gradient-fill designs. You can open or import Silhouette Studio® files as well as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, […]

By Dec 10, 2017

Create and Send Designs to Mint Studio™

Mint Studio™ is the software program you use to run your Silhouette Mint™ custom stamp maker. If you need to download or update Mint Studio™, you can find it on the Silhouette […]

By Dec 09, 2017

Mint Studio™ Overview

Mint Studio™ and Silhouette Studio® are two separate software programs that are very similar. Mint Studio™ works with the Silhouette Mint™ stamp maker, and Silhouette Studio® works with the Silhouette cutting machines like […]

By Sep 19, 2017

How to Turn Photos into Stamps in Mint Studio™

One of the highlights of Mint Studio™ is turning photographs into stamps. Keep in mind that not every photo will translate well into a stamp, but let me show you some examples […]