Supplies Needed:

1. Open your design in Silhouette Studio®, click on the Send tab in the upper right-hand corner. The Send window will open.2. The first step is to select your material. Select the media type you are using from the drop-down list.3. Pick which tool you are using, what lines to cut, and whether you want to cut by Fill Color, Line Color, or Layer (Designer Edition only).4. Check that your blade is set to the recommended setting and loaded.5. Load your material with a cutting mat. Click the Learn icon at the bottom of the Send panel to check you have everything ready to send. When the settings are they way you want, click “Send.”
6. Your Silhouette will begin the cut job.

7. Once the Silhouette is done cutting, press the “Unload” button. Carefully peel away your cutout design. Peel the leftover paper/media off the cutting mat. Use a Silhouette scraper tool to scrape excess paper pieces from the mat. Replace the mat cover to keep it sticky.