Create wirelessly by pairing your computer, tablet, or smartphone with your Portrait. Fewer wires means more room to work.

There are two versions of the Silhouette Portrait® 2 offered: The Bluetooth® Edition and the Bluetooth Compatible.

Your machine may come with a Bluetooth® adapter that has already been installed. To determine if your machine includes a Bluetooth adapter, please review the outside of your box. If the box says “Bluetooth® Included” your machine will be ready to communicate wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled device. To set up the Bluetooth® feature, start by powering on the machine. Push the Bluetooth® button. When the Bluetooth is on, the light will turn blue.

In Silhouette Studio®, go to the Send tab. Click on the machine icon at the bottom of the panel. The software will automatically connect to your machine if the Bluetooth® is on. After a few seconds, the status of the Portrait will display as “Ready” in the Send panel and the light on the Portrait will turn purple. Then setup is complete.

If the box says “Bluetooth Compatible” your machine is still able to connect to your computer via Bluetooth®, but to use Bluetooth®, you will need to purchase a Bluetooth® adapter and install it yourself. You can obtain a third-party Bluetooth® adapter that is sold separately.

The adapter requirements are as follows:

Measurements of the recommended adapter cannot exceed these dimensions.

However, the measurements may be smaller.

The chip type for the Bluetooth® adapter must be the following CSR chip: CSR8510A10.

Other Bluetooth® adapters with alternate chipsets will not work with the machine. In order to install the third-party Bluetooth® adapter, turn your machine over, locate the Bluetooth® compartment, and remove the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Once the compartment cover has been removed, proceed to install the third-party Bluetooth adapter.