Two of the awesome features of the Cameo 4 are the built-in roll feeder and crosscutter. These make cutting from a roll of material (like vinyl or heat transfer) really simple. And you don’t have to deal with separate pieces because both are built in to the machine. Keep reading to find out how you can use them.

The Roll Feeder

The built-in roll feeder is located inside a tray at the front of the Cameo 4. To open the roll feeder, gently slide out that tray completely.

Note: When opened all the way, the roll feeder tray sticks out about 8 inches from the machine. If you find that the tray is sticking out about only 4 or 5 inches, the tray may be caught and may not be sliding out all the way. Gently continue to pull on the tray until it is out all the way.

With the tray all the way out, flip open the inserted piece to reveal where you can place the roll feeder. There are two end pieces you’ll also flip up, and this is where your rolled material will rest. Slide the right end piece to match the width of your material—either 9 inches or 12 inches.

Place your rolled material on the roll feeder. Take the end piece and feed it through the roll feeder slot. Then feed it into your machine using the Load button on the touch panel. Make sure the material is feeding straight into the machine.

When you’re finished using the roll feeder, remove the roll of material, fold the pieces back down, and slide the tray back into place.

The Crosscutter

The crosscutter is located on the back of the Cameo 4. You can feed your design cut on your rolled material through the back and use the crosscutter to make a clean, straight cut to separate the design from the rolled material.

Make sure to set things up in Silhouette Studio® so that your cut will feed through the Cameo properly. First, set your cutting mat to “None” in the Page Setup panel. Next when you go to the Send tab before you send your design, click the gear icon in the bottom right corner to open up the advanced settings. Change the Feed Option to “Feed” and set how much of the material you want to feed through. Don’t worry about getting the measurement exactly right because you can always use the arrows on the touch panel of your Cameo to adjust the feed as needed after you’re done making your cut. Next send your design to your machine. 

To use the crosscutter, make sure your design feeds through the back of your machine at the end of your cut. Release the locks on both sides at the top of the crosscutter cartridge and lower the crosscutter track. Slide the crosscutter across the track to cut your material. When you’re finished, make sure the crosscutter is on either side of the track, lift the track back into place, and fasten both of the locks.