You can use stamping material to create your own unique stamps. Just cut out the image, stick the material on a stamp pad, and voila! You’re very own stamp is ready to go. Keep reading to see how it’s done.

Supplies Needed:

1. Open the design in Silhouette Studio®. Select the Stamp page size and the Stamp cutting mat.

2. Remove the liner from the perforated cutting mat for the stamp material.

3. Remove the liner from the stamp material. Place the stamp material onto the mat and gently pat it into place until all air bubbles are pressed out. Do not stretch or spread the stamp material. Load the mat into your Silhouette machine.

4. Select “Stamp Material” from the material drop-down menu in the Send panel in Silhouette Studio®. Adjust the blade to the recommended settings (unless you use the AutoBlade). Click “Send.”

5. After the Silhouette is done cutting, unload the mat.

6. Gently peel out the stamp. Don’t worry if the blade did not cut the material all the way through. The material will break away cleanly.

7. Arrange the stamp onto the acrylic block that fits it most closely. Use the block’s grid for spacing and alignment.

8. Your stamp is ready to use. Press the stamp into the ink pad. (It’s normal to get ink on your acrylic block.)

9. When stamping a surface, be sure to press straight down on a flat surface. When you’re done, wipe away the excess ink from the stamp with a tissue or paper towel. Rinse and dry stamp material and blocks before storing them.