Product Specifications
5.5 in. x 17.25 in. x 7 in.
5.5 lbs.

Max Cutting Area
8.5 in. x 12 in. (with large base)

Max Media Thickness
5 mm

Max Cutting Thickness
2 mm

Max Cutting Force:
210 gf

Silhouette Curio™

Curio is the most specialized Silhouette machine because it gives you access to different types of media as well as giving you more effect options (like embossing or etching). Because of it’s higher clearance level than both the Cameo and the Portrait, Curio can handle thicker media such as wood, metal, and chipboard. And while Curio is also a cutting machine like the Portrait and the Cameo, its emphasis is on embellishments and detail. The dual carriage means that you can perform two functions in one cut job, such as a score and emboss or a multicolored sketch. View the video.

Features of Your Silhouette Curio™

Curio is the only machine that can unlock etching, debossing, embossing, and metal stippling in the powerful Silhouette Studio® design software.

Increased Clearance Level

In order to accommodate more possibilities and more media, Curio has literally raised the bar. By creating more space between the bar and the mat, you can transfer your designs directly to new types of media. Your Curio can accept up to 5 mm, including wood, metal, and canvas. And Curio does this without sacrificing the same quality cuts that make the Portrait and the Cameo so effective.

Precise Loading

One of Curio’s greatest strengths is its loading mechanism. Because the base is solid, Curio loads the same every single time. This means that you can interrupt a cut job, pull out the base to examine your project, load it right back in, and resume cutting. This is especially useful when layering colors for multicolored sketches. Your design placement on the screen is exactly where it will be on the base, every time.

Curio’s Platforms, Mats, and Base

The Curio can accommodate a wide range of materials by adding or removing platforms. The Curio comes with four platforms marked with either a “1” or a “2”. For common material types, the Silhouette Studio® Send panel will indicate which combination of platforms you should use. For example, a platform setting of “3” would require both a #1 platform and a #2 platform since 1+2=3.

Dual Carriage

You can put two tools into the Curio at the same time! The first carrier is denoted by a red circle, and the second carrier is denoted by a blue circle. The Curio knows to do the action associated with the red circle first and the blue circle second. You can toggle between tools by clicking “Tool 1” and “Tool 2” in the Send panel.

Unlocking Curio Tools in Silhouette Studio®

Remember that Curio’s specialty icons in Silhouette Studio® can be used ONLY with the Curio and not our other machines. If you disconnect Curio, you will have access to those tools until you plug in another machine. The tools will deactivate if the software recognizes that a Cameo or Portrait has been plugged in because neither machine has the capability to perform these unique Curio features.

Embossing and Debossing

With your Curio, you can emboss, deboss, Score & Emboss, and Print & Emboss. You can use Silhouette Fine or Wide embossing tools to get unique and detailed raised lines on a variety of surfaces.

Etching with Curio

Curio’s 5 mm clearance level means you can use materials that you can’t with other Silhouette machines, like metal. With this feature, new crafting options are available. The Stippling & Etching tool is meant to accommodate these possibilities. You can etch designs for home decor, personalize pet tags, create custom jewelry, and much more.

Stippling with Curio

Stippling is a way of creating a drawing through the use of dots instead of a continuous line. Curio performs this effect with the Stippling & Etching tool on thin metals or with a felt-tip pen or marker on paper.

Curio uses the stippling tool and the embossing mat to create the stipple effect. The stipple tool has a narrow metal tip that allows the machine to create small indents in the media using a quick up and down motion.

In Silhouette Studio®, the Stipple feature allows you to convert any design from the Design Store or your own design into a stippled project. By playing with settings like Spacing or Scale factor, you can change the look of the stipple effect. You can control the number of dots, the spacing of dots, and even the pattern.

Sketching with Curio

Sketching with Curio is amazing because you can use two colors at once in the dual carriage. Plus, you can unload your design and load it again perfectly to draw more or with additional colors because Curio uses a solid base that loads the same every single time.