By Mar 20, 2017

Five Silhouette Projects to Make You Smile

Hey—do you know what today is? It’s the International Day of Happiness! I know, it would be even happier if it was a bona fide holiday, but we’ve gotta work with what […]

By Jan 05, 2017

One Inspirational Word: Curio Stippling Tutorial

Hello, my friends! For the new year I decided to create a piece of metal word art to inspire me in 2017. The Silhouette Curio™ is an ideal machine for this because […]

By Sep 26, 2016

Things Curio Can Do That No Other Silhouette Machine Can

Hello friends. Connie here with a post to show you the amazing things Curio can do that other Silhouette machines like the CAMEO, Portrait, and the Mint cannot do! If you don’t […]

By Jan 27, 2016

Stippled Metal Art

Hey, Curio users! Have you tried metal stippling yet? This is a piece of stippled metal art I made for my Valentine’s Day décor. Shall we find out how to use the […]