By Apr 05, 2019

Drawing in 3D in Silhouette ModelMaker™

Drawings created in ModelMaker™ are in 3D. Although your computer screen is flat and doesn’t have depth, features in ModelMaker™ are in place to create a 3D effect with virtual width, height, and […]

By Mar 22, 2019

Applying Colors & Textures to Shapes in ModelMaker™

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about applying colors and textures to existing shapes in Silhouette ModelMaker™. Open the Color Palette by clicking on this icon in the lower left of the Edit Window. […]

By Feb 01, 2019

Changing Preferences in Silhouette ModelMaker™

To change your Preferences in Silhouette ModelMaker™, go to File > Preferences. This lets you make general changes to things like the default view, unit of measurement, and your toolbars so that […]

By Nov 02, 2018

QuickShapes in Silhouette ModelMaker™

In addition to drawing shapes from the side toolbar with the mouse, and by using the Shape Creation Wizard, ModelMaker™ has a library of QuickShapes. Select the QuickShapes button to open a panel […]

By Aug 31, 2018

Creating Shapes in Silhouette ModelMaker™

In this tutorial, we’ll go over the basics of creating shapes in Silhouette ModelMaker™. You’ll find buttons to create each kind of shape here in this Shapes Toolbar to the left of the […]

By Dec 22, 2017

Printing and Cutting in Silhouette ModelMaker™

Silhouette ModelMaker™ is capable of producing a Print & Cut document that can be cut with a Silhouette machine. When your models are designed and ready, you can print the document in the […]

By Dec 21, 2017

Output Window and Nets in Silhouette ModelMaker™

The Output Window is like a print preview page; whatever is displayed in the Output Window is what’s sent to the printer. The Output Window displays nets and projections, as they appear on […]

By Dec 17, 2017

Silhouette ModelMaker™ Tour

Silhouette ModelMaker™ is a software program that allows you to design 3D shapes on your computer to be cut or Print & Cut with a Silhouette cutting machine. This software is for those […]