While the Curio is under the cutting machines umbrella, it has a different load feature than the rest of the cutting machines. Curio’s raised inner bar means that you can load thicker media for cutting and sketching, allowing you more creative possibilities.

The number of platforms you will use with the Curio depends on how thick your media is and what kind of cut you are making. When you connect the Curio to your computer, Silhouette Studio® will tell you in the Send panel how many platforms you need.

1. Turn on your Curio using the power button on the right side of the machine.

2. Adhere your media to your cutting mat. Use the mat’s grid to line it up straight.

3. Attach the correct number of platforms and your cutting mat to the hard base.

4. Use the snaps on both sides of the cutting space to hold the platform and cutting mat in place.

5. Locate the arrow at the top of the base. This tells you which way to load the base into your Curio.

6. Gently insert the base into your Curio.

7. Continue pushing until the small notches on the base are pushed farther in than the front of your machine.

8. Hit the load button on the right side of your Curio.

9. Curio will pull the base in place. You are ready to make your Curio project.