PixScan™ Like a Pro


PixScan™ technology allows you to cut precisely around any printed image or position cut lines in a specific location on your material using a camera or scanner. PixScan™ is perfect for digitizing a stamp collection or turning a hand-drawn sketch into a cut job. Follow along as Silhouette expert Kelly Wayment shows you the ropes on how to unlock the power of PixScan™.


In this class, you will learn about:


  • Different uses for PixScan
  • How to calibrate  your camera
  • Using patterns
  • Using stamps
  • Digitizing hand lettering
  • Using sketched designs




1: Camera Calibration

2: Nesting

3: Using Fabric Patterns

4: Troubleshooting

5: Stamps

6: Digitized Hand Lettering

7: Printing Tips & Tricks

8: Sketched Designs