I hope this blog is finding you with your feet up, a hot cup of something delicious in your hand, and if you have kiddos, then the far off sound of them playing with all of their Christmas goodies! We did it, we made it through the most wonderful time of the year! I really pushed the Silhouette CAMEO® this holiday season, and I couldn’t have done every crazy late night project without it’s trusty side-kick, the Silhouette Premium Blade! Seriously, if you do not own this blade, then let me give you a few reasons as to why you should.

1. Save Money

Well this is a no brainer! It is rare that I shop anywhere now with out some sort of coupon. We love to save money any way we can. Investing in the Silhouette Premium Blade will do just that! This blade lasts three times longer, which will keep those last minute trips to the craft store from happening!

2. Save Time

I cannot tell you how much time I used to spend rotating out blades while in the middle of a project. It is so frustrating to sit down and start crafting, only to find that you have a dull blade. The premium blade is reliable and long lasting. It will give you the peace of mind that you can get a project done without any issues.

3. Versatility

This blade easily allows me to switch from cutting a stencil for a t-shirt design to making headbands with Silhouette Faux Leather Paper. The strength of this blade keeps my projects moving smoothly, and with just a quick turn of the blade depth I am on to the next craft!

Helpful Tips


Headband cut using Silhouette Premium Blade with Silhouette White Faux Leather Paper

  • The Premium Blade can be adjusted from 1–10. (This blade adjusts by turning the bottom of the blade until the red line matches with the depth you are needing.)
  • This blade can be used with the Portrait, Curio, and the CAMEO (machines 1, 2, and 3)
  • The blade swivels, so no worries as it starts to cut it will do so correctly.
  • Cleaning your blade is easy. (Turn the blade to align the red line up with the number “0.” This will bring your blade up and allow you to get a grip on the bottom cap to unscrew.)

I hope this information gives you that push to plan even bigger and better crafts in the coming New Year! What crafting resolutions are you making this year?