Designs: Otti Cutipet

Silhouette 3D v 1.2 has added more choices and customization in your 3D Print Settings, along with multi-Alta support.

This is available to all users beginning in v 1.2.

Let’s go into the 3D Print Settings navigation tab.

Now you have the ability to print to multiple Alta 3D printers.

If you have multiple Altas connected, you’ll see them here in the “Available Printers” section. 

They can each be expanded and collapsed.

When connected, you’ll have choices with each Alta for manual settings, calibration, changing the filament, and of course printing.

Version 1.2 also includes new Print Profiles to add to the original Draft, High, and Standard print quality choices. 

These newer settings include options like Lithophane, Supported, Stable, and Tall and Thin.

The software will slice the 3D model with each selection and update the visual representation with supports, rafts, or brims built into that quality setting, along with updated time and filament estimates.

You can still adjust these print-quality settings and save new print profiles by clicking the gear icon.

Each of these tabs has multiple options to adjust, along with an explanation of what those settings do.

You can even change the infill pattern inside your 3D model to balance strength, speed, flexibility, and the amount of filament.

In the second tab you have various support options with further explanation of why you might choose each option based on your particular model.

You can also choose between a skirt, a brim, or a raft when trying to avoid warping.

The other tabs continue to allow for a lot of fine adjustments, along with explanations for what you are adjusting.

Take a look at these choices as you fine tune your print settings for any given 3D design.

You can use “Save As” to name and save custom settings.

Those are the new print-setting adjustments in Silhouette 3D v 1.2, including multi-Alta support.

Thanks for watching!