If you’re looking for a festive way to to decorate for your next party, this 3D Paper Carousel makes a stunning centerpiece! Made completely of cardstock, it’s an inexpensive but festive decoration for birthday parties and other gatherings!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Format the Cut Files

1. Insert the design file into Silhouette Studio®. Adjust the size as desired—we kept the original sizing.

2. For this project, you will need multiple pieces of some of the design elements. In the photo below, you can see how many pieces you’ll need and the corresponding paper colors for each piece.

3. Cut out all the pieces from the colored paper.

Step Two: Assemble the Pieces

1. Glue the red triangle and colored rectangle pieces to the back of the two carousel pieces.

2. Then flip the pieces over to reveal the horses and glue on the tent and horse details.

3. Glue the two carousel pieces together using the tabs.

4. Fold the tabs of the carousel base and glue to the inside base of the carousel panels.

5. Once you adhere all the sides, glue the last tab between the two panels together.

6. Fold the tent scallop edges up

7. Thread your ribbon through the slots, tighten the ribbon to bring the tent together, and tie a bow.

8. Fold the diamond pieces in half and glue over a tooth pick to form the flag. Insert into the top of the tent.

Voila! Your carousel is ready for its grand debut!