Do you ever make things too complicated? Yeah, me neither. 😉 Kelly here today to show you how to fill a gallery wall with Print & Cut designs. This is a great way to make a lot of impact with minimal effort. Are you ready for some easy decor?

I’ve chosen five of my favorite framed projects suitable for a gallery wall, all made with Print & Cut in Silhouette Studio®, a printer, and a Silhouette machine.


One: Print & Cut Frameable Art

This super-cute project by Brittany Sazonoff is both easy and impressive. The image is printed on paper, but then she put it in an awesome frame to really draw attention. Read here for more details.


Two: Thankful Printable on Canvas

Here is one of my own Print & Cut projects for the design team. This was a design I printed on Silhouette Printable Cotton Fabric before cutting with my Silhouette Curio™. (Yes, every one of Silhouette’s cutting machines is equipped with Print & Cut.) If you check out my tutorial here, you can read how I also did a variation in blue by manipulating the design’s colors with the Shader Effects Window.


Three: Printable Art With Sketched Accents

One of our former design-team members, Erica Sooter, took her Print & Cut a step further by adding sketch-pen accents to her printable design. You can read here how she added a sketched border along the top and bottom, along with sketched outlines on the printed design. I love to see how people think outside the box to embellish existing printable designs!


Four: Watercolor Print & Cut on Cotton Fabric

Here’s another one of my projects where I added some texture to a simple Print & Cut design by printing it on Silhouette Printable Cotton Fabric. Then I added a pretty little pink-foil phrase with Silhouette Metallic Heat Transfer to give it more impact. You can find the tutorial here.


Five: Printable Foil Home Décor

This final project that I’m spotlighting appeals to me because it involves taking Print & Cut foil stickers, adding them to decorative paper, and then framing it. Cari uses Silhouette Printable Silver Foil, some with printed text and some without, to create this beautiful piece in a floating frame. Read here for more details on her Print & Cut project.

Aren’t these Print & Cut framed projects fun? You could easily fill a gallery wall with Print & Cut projects like these. I hope you’ve also seen how Print & Cut isn’t limited to a simple design printed on paper, although it really can be that simple.

If you want to get started on your own Print & Cut gallery, try searching in the Silhouette Design Store for terms like print and frame, or go to the Filters, click Print & Cut, and then in the search bar type in the specific type of design that you have in mind. It will filter your search word(s) by Print & Cut designs.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for fun frames at your local second-hand store or at discount home goods stores!

What kind of Print & Cut designs have you added to your décor?