For this Silhouette Spotlight, we would like to take a closer look at Angie Makes, who has 363 designs featured in the Design Store. Angie joined Silhouette’s team of artists in January 2017. “I started graphic designing when I worked at a desk job at a nonprofit organization. No one else knew how to use Photoshop, so I designed all the brochures, posters, print material, web graphics, etc. It was a really good way to get my feet wet. I’ll be honest; my first designs were cringe worthy. But you learn by doing. Eventually I quit my job at the nonprofit organization to do custom design work as a freelancer.”

Angie loves working with paper, stickers, and vinyl decals. Her most popular designs in the Design Store are her fonts, but her watercolor floral designs are also a big hit. “People describe my work as very girly, but the funny thing is that I’m not a very girly gal. I like the outdoors, sports, gardening—I’m mostly inspired by the beauty in nature. I love painting and creating florals, and I’m thrilled when I see what others make out of my floral designs.”

We asked what Angie does when she hits a creative block. “When I feel blocked, it’s usually because I’m overworking myself. So I take a break and give myself some time to overcome it. I don’t upload new designs constantly because I’m a busy mom and wife, and that usually takes precedence and most of my energy. But in my spare time, I’m creating.” 

Angie has experienced some amazing moments as an artist. “Getting invited to contribute to Silhouette was amazing. I also had some watercolor floral prints that were made into fabric and sold at Hobby Lobby. At that point, I felt like my family and friends finally understood what I was doing for a living! It’s moments like that where you look around and realize that hard work and creativity have made a few dreams come true along the way.”

For people who are just starting out, Angie recommends to keep working at it and looking at good design. “Notice all the details around you. The more you design and the more good design you take in via osmosis, the better you will become.” When it comes to inspiration, Angie says she follows a ton of really talented watercolor painters on Instagram. “Some rock stars are Helen Dealtry, Jessica Priest, and Helen Hallam.” But Angie added a stipulation: “Don’t compare yourself to others or try to imitate their work too closely. Do you, and find your own voice.”