There are so many reasons Fall holds a special place in my heart! There is nothing better than feeling that cool crisp air and seeing all the beautiful colors that come with the change of seasons. Having both of my children born this time of year also hits me in the feels!

I have always loved creating scrapbook pages, and when creating this tutorial it brought back so many memories of spending hours laying out pages. There are so many great products Silhouette offers that makes this type of project so fun! With this tutorial we are going to see the magic that is “Double-Sided Adhesive Paper!”

 Step 1:  In the  Silhouette Design Store, I chose my design, Apple of My Eye Journaling Card.  Design Id: 47771

 Step 2:  Open this design in Silhouette Studio. For this particular project, I sized my design to 4.7in x 3.5in.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 11.56.44

Step 3:  Load your Double Sided Adhesive Paper onto your cutting mat. Be sure you load with the white side facing up! Choose “Double-Sided Adhesive” in your cut settings and adjust blade accordingly.

1 1

Step 4: Carefully weed out your cut design.

*Note: I find it easier to weed out these pieces while my design is still stuck to my mat* 

2 1

Step 5:  Slowly peel off the YELLOW back side of this paper, being sure as to not pull up the sticky layer with it. I found this part a bit tricky, but just be sure to take your time!

3 1

Step 6:  At this point your design is ready to be adhered to your project, sticky side down! Once you have it in place, you can peel off the top white layer of your design, leaving a new sticky surface for your next step. Here comes the messy FUN part!

Step 7:  Using your colored Silhouette Glitter of choice, cover your design generously with the glitter. I have used this awesome Ruby Red color from the “Glitter: Bold Colors” collection in the Silhouette Shop!

5 16 1

Step 8: Carefully shake your excess glitter back into the pot. I have used a small soft paint brush to brush off all the remaining glitter as well. This simple, and quick detail really made a difference in the the crispness of my design!7 1


The younger me is so jealous I did not have this back when I first started scrap booking! There are so many great ways to use this “Double-Sided Adhesive Paper” for projects, and remember, “When in doubt, just add glitter!!”

Happy Crafting!