We are thrilled to be featuring Jamie Lane Designs today on the blog. Jamie is a 40-something, mom of two, Kansas girl, residing in Michigan with her hubby of 20 years! She has been designing and creating digital die cuts for several years.

Jamie bought her first and favorite machine, the CAMEO, back in 2012, and it’s still in use today! Jamie has a fondness for 3D projects and puns, which you can see in her designs in the Silhouette Design Store. She joined as an artist in 2013, and she currently has 2,655 designs in the store with more to come! We can’t wait to see what she is coming up with! Her most popular designs are her 3D flowers and wreaths, storage and organizational boxes, and word art.

Jamie has had a lifelong passion for creating things. She began creating files for herself and posting her projects on her blog. After so many requests for instructions, cuts file, etc., she began offering those files to her followers. This led to her applying to be a contributing artist on the Silhouette Design Store.

Jamie has a knack for organizing and has created many projects that help keep order. Her first project was a marker box for her Copic markers (Design ID #43650).

Jamie fell in love with the work of Samantha Walker. Jamie has even been fortunate enough to work closely with Samantha and her creative team as well.

Jamie’s favorite things about being a designer are seeing how others use their own creative ideas using her files and seeing flat objects turn into 3D pieces. We agree! We love all of that too! Also, she loves playing with paper and glue for a living! How can you beat that?

When Jamie hits a creative rut, she says she turns to her family. Around the dinner table, she likes to “talk shop,” and her kids and husband are always coming up with fun ideas for her to add to the mix! How fun is that?

We asked Jamie what advice she would have for people who are just starting out. She said, “There may be a lot of obstacles and ‘no’ answers to overcome when you are starting out, but if you are passionate about your work and are persistent, you can make it happen! Do not let those nos stop you (or get you down)!”

Check Jamie out in the Silhouette Design Store and at her blog http://jamielanedesigns.blogspot.com.