With September looming, we’re getting giddy for fall! If you’re feeling the itch to switch out your summer decor for a few more cozy elements, this autumn wheat wreath is the first place to start! Inspired by dried wheat wreaths, this wreath involves a warm palette of cardstock, some gold leaf, and an embroidery hoop. It’s simple to make but looks stunning on your front door!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Formatting the Design

1. Insert your designs into Silhouette Studio® and size both wheat designs to be about 7 inches tall.

2. Use the knife tool, in the solid setting, to shorten the three wheat stems by 1 to 1.5 inches. Delete the extra stem pieces.

3. Fill the page with the wheat stems with just two copies of the #13712 design and the rest of the page can be filled with copies of the #4288 design. Cut this page with your Silhouette cutting machine in each of your seven colors of cardstock.

Step Two: Creating Your Wreath

1. Once all your wheat pieces are cut out, score the wreath stems down the middle to give them a little dimension.

2. Then paint a thin layer of gold leaf adhesive on about 10–15 wheat stems. Allow the adhesive to dry for 30–60 seconds or until it turns clear and tacky.

3. Then apply the gold leaf onto the wheat, pressing gently to adhere. Once it’s dry, you can brush off any excess.

4. Now take clusters of wheat and using the white floral tape, wrap around the embroidery hoop to secure them. You only need one hoop of the embroidery hoop, so separate them and save the other hoop for your next wreath!

5. Keep adding more clusters, adding in a few gold leaf wheat and the more delicate wheat as you go, so it’s evenly dispersed around the wreath.

6. Fill the entire perimeter of the embroidery hoop and then add in any other wheat pieces to fill in any gaps. Hang on your door and welcome fall!