It’s that time of year again. Start sharpening your #2 pencils and packing your backpack because school is back in session! Today we have some darling book bag goodie bags for you to make. You can use them to send your little one off with a smile on their face or, if you’re a teacher, you can have a fun bag on the desk of your new students, welcoming them back to school.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Open Design in Silhouette Studio®

1. Open the design (ID #298958) in Silhouette Studio®. It will look like the image below.

2. Ungroup the design (Ctrl + G or Cmd + G) and place the designs in the cut field according to the color of cardstock you will be using. We cut the two red pieces (not the apple) in the same color of cardstock, and the rest we cut out of various colors of cardstock.

3. Cut the phrase “welcome back to school” out of vinyl.

Step Two: Cut and Fold

1. Once you have all the pieces cut, you will need to fold them along their crease lines.

Step Three: Assemble

1. Spread your adhesive on the tabs and begin by gluing the bottom piece of the box to the top.

2. Then adhere what appears to be the page of the book to the side of the box.

3. Now take the strap and insert a brad into the hole of the strap and the side of the box.

4. Glue the stem and leaf to the apple.

5. Cut, weed, and transfer the vinyl to the apple.

6. Adhere the apple to the box.

Now fill your box with goodies, supplies, or whatever you can think of to start the school year off with a smile. How will you use this design? Tell us in the comments below.