Hey everyone! Emily here to show you today a super simple and beyond cute way to “ask” your bridesmaids to be apart of your wedding.

They are sure to accept the invitation when you present them with these jewelry gift boxes you created using your Silhouette CAMEO and Silhouette Mint!



  • 3 Pieces of Cardstock: 2 different colors, one for the box and one for the jewelry insert. (I used Kraft and Metallic Gold.)
  • Adhesive of choice
  • 90 x 45 Mint Stamp Sheet
  • Mint ink colors of choice
  • Ribbon or twine


Step 1: Create Your Stamp

Open up Mint Studio®. In the Stamp Settings window select stamp size 90 x 45. Next, select the text tool and type: My “I DO” would not be the same without you! Select the font of your choice. I used “Yellow Daisy.”

I decided to spruce it up and add some floral borders. You can find these ones in the Silhouette Design Store, “Floral Filigree Corner” by Jamie Koay, Design ID #147551. I also changed just the words “I DO” to the font “Apple Symbols” for a more dramatic effect.

Now your stamp is ready to print! Send your stamp to the Mint, and insert your stamp sheet.

Once printed, peel off the backing and apply your stamp to the stamp base. Choose your ink colors and apply the ink to let it soak in. Set aside.


Step 2: Make Your Box

Open up Silhouette Studio®.

In the Design Page Settings window select the size of your card stock (I’m using 8.5 in x 11 in) and select Cutting Mat CAMEO (12 x 12 in.)

Next, open up the cut file. I used “Necklace & Earring Gift Box” Design ID #45893. Arrange to fit on your page and cut each piece individually (there are three pieces total: box top, box bottom and jewelry insert.)


Step 3: Assemble

Lastly, it’s time to assemble your box! Use the stamp you created to stamp the message on the of the “box top.” Use a tape roller, glue stick or your choice of adhesive to assemble the “box top” and “box bottom.” (Just fold along the perforations and glue the tabs into the inside of the box.)

Next, insert the jewelry holder piece into the box. Top it off with a beautiful jewelry set for your bridesmaids to be! Even better – select a set that matches your wedding colors so they can wear them on the “Big Day!”

There’s so many ways to customize this to fit your wedding theme, colors etc. Don’t forget to tie it closed with a ribbon or piece of twine!