There are few things in the world that can take us back to childhood like a fresh box of crayons. Just the sight of a new pack of crayons lined up in rainbow order is enough to take you right back to 1st grade. So it’s really no surprise that every year around the end of school and back to school, all things crayon take over the crafting sphere. They are just so darn cute, especially in cookie form. But you know what would make crayon cookies even more cute? Jumbo crayon cookie boxes to package them up in! 

The default size for this Box (Design ID #91558) results in a box perfect for holding 1–2 small crayon cookies which would be super fun to hand out at the end of the school year, but we wanted to make a box to fit a whole pack of crayon cookies! With a few extra steps we’ll share how to enlarge this design to make a jumbo crayon cookie box. It’s easy!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Preparing the Design

1. Open the 3D Crayon Box design (Design ID #91558) in Silhouette Studio®. Resize the design according to the final box size you would like. We scaled the design as large as possible to fit a 12-inch cardstock height. You can easily visualize how your cookies will fit in your box with a faux set of crayons (or rectangles really) in Silhouette Studio®. Once you’ve decided how many crayons will fit you can delete the crayons. Ungroup the design. Copy and paste the green accent pieces to a new file for now so they’re out of the way. Don’t worry about the side of the box design hanging off the mat just yet. 

2. Next, we’re going to slightly alter the design to create the jumbo crayon cookie box allowing us to still use standard 12-inch-by-12-inch cardstock. To do, this we will first split the box in two and add an additional tab to the sides and the back of the box. Using the knife tool, create three straight cuts to separate the design. One at each joint of the sides of the box and one separating the back from the bottom.

3. This is important! Drag and select each of your four new pieces and group the items together so you have four new groups, front back, and two sides. This will make sure everything stays put. Separate each of the four groups a bit so you have room to work. To complete your box you will just need to add tabs (used to glue to pieces together) using the Line tool to the three places you cut with the Knife tool. The bottom of each new side, and the bottom of the back.

4. Arrange your finished 4 pieces so they’re lined up on the mat and ready to go. If you box is too large, you may need to cut half at a time.

Step Two: Cutting The Design 

1. Place a yellow piece of cardstock on the cutting mat and load it into your Silhouette machine. With the yellow portion of the crayon box on your screen, under the Send panel, select “Cardstock” as your material and adjust the blade if needed.  Send to machine.

2. Place a green piece of cardstock on the cutting mat and load it into your Silhouette machine. Repeat the cutting process to cut out the last part of the design, the green stripe overlay of the crayon box.

Step Three: Assembling The Design 

1. Identify where the fold lines are and fold. Start assembling your crayon box by gluing the side tabs, and back tab to the bottom. I like to add a layer of Washi tape for extra support, sometimes cookies can snag on the seams of packaging.

2. Next glue the green accent pieces on. There will be one small piece sticking off the side for now.

3. Finish assembling and gluing your crayon box.

Step Four: Add Your Treats

1. Your jumbo crayon box is complete. Now simply fill with treats!