Looking for a fun project for kids? Look no further than this shadow puppet theater to delight little ones. Using Adhesive Cardstock to decorate the theater makes this project a snap (and easy for little hands to help), and the CAMEO can cut out just about any shape for the puppets. We stuck with a woodland theme, but the possibilities are endless for characters for storytelling. So get your supplies ready to put together an exciting show!

Supplies Needed:


Step One: Make the Theater

  1. Cut an opening in the bottom of the shoebox, leaving just enough space for a frame around the edges. For my box, I cut an opening approximately 5 in. x 8 in. for the theater with a craft knife.
  2. Cut a piece of Yellow Green Adhesive Cardstock on the CAMEO to cover the bottom of the box, with a matching cutout.

  1. Place the piece of Vellum (trimmed to be slightly larger than the opening) over the cutout, then peel off the backing and stick the cardstock on the box.

  1. Cut out the decorative frame from Sea Mist Adhesive Cardstock and stick it on top, once again aligning the cutouts.

  1. Pick one side to be the top. Cut a slit along the top of the box for the puppets.


Step Two: Make the Puppets

  1. Cut puppets out of black cardstock using the CAMEO. I stuck to a woodland theme using Design #1827, Design #4396, Design #33677, Design #80812, and Design #98362.

  1. Using a few drops of hot glue, glue the wooden skewers to the puppets.

Set up your show with a flashlight on behind the box and bring your puppets to life!

We had so much fun putting on performances with our woodland friends. What sort of puppets are you going to make?