There are many great tools to chose from in Silhouette Studio®, but the knife tool is one that shouldn’t go unnoticed. If you’re like me—the kind of crafter that gets the inspiration and tweaks it to satisfy your own style—then this tool is for you.

For example, look at this awesome design from Samantha Walker (Design ID #98522) of a bird taking flight.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 5.25.00 PM

I love how the wings expand, but I wanted to add my own twist. In order to do that I needed the knife tool.

Using The Knife Tool To Make Straight Cut

You don’t only get a straight cut option with this tool, there are many various cuts to choose from (scallop, chevron, even freehand) but for my project I just needed a simple, straight cut.


When using the knife tool, you also have the option of creating a solid shape or an outline. I wanted to make a solid, enclosed shape, so I selected “Solid” from the Knives panel.


Now that’s a perfect cut!


Once I detached the two halves it was time to pick a font to place in the middle.

Adding Elements To Your Customized Design

I liked how the LW Deco font looked with the bird design. It sort of gave it a hippie feel, which is what I wanted. Once I cut my design with my Silhouette CAMEO® I stenciled it onto some reclaimed wood. You can learn how to create and stencil wood signs here.

knifetool3_810Tip: If you’re creating a stencil to make a sign make sure you pick a font that’s thick and easy to weed.

I love how this wooden sign turned out—and the best part is that, by using the knife tool, I stayed true to my style.


How do you use the knife tool in Silhouette Studio®?