Stay wild, Cameo 3, Stay wild. Oh hi there, my crafty peeps, Kathi here again showing you the wonders of my new Silhouette CAMEO® 3. If you haven’t gotten yours yet or need an upgrade I highly recommend purchasing this new machine.

There are a couple of first times on this particular blog post. Number one, it’s the first time I’m using my new Cameo 3 for a post and second, I finally got to work with the Silhouette Faux Leather Paper.

Now the Faux Leather Paper comes in 3 colors (Natural, White, and Black) but for my quick and easy project I just used the colors Natural and white. It is a much thicker material than vinyl or sticker paper and more pliable and bendable than thick card stock and that’s why they’re perfect for making flowers and feathers.

Materials Used:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® 3
  • Silhouette Faux Leather Paper (Natural and White)
  • Silhouette Sketch Pen (White)
  • Pearl Beads (or Buttons)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Like I said from the beginning, this is a quick and easy project so I picked the easiest flower to create. This 3d rolled rosebud flower can be found in the Silhouette Design Store with Design ID #116427. Just start your roll from the middle of your cut flower and continue rolling and adding small amounts of glue to keep your flower petals in place. I created 2 flowers that were different sizes, but still quite easy to make regardless of the size.

Lastly I finished off these beautiful flowers with some pearl beads but you can also use buttons too. And I just like to add that making these flowers with the Silhouette Faux Leather Paper instead of card stock makes it stronger. I didn’t have problems of accidental rips or creases, and it will probably last longer too.

Next I created a feather using Design ID #40563 with tribal writings using the Silhouette Sketch Pen which I placed by the way on the second cartridge holder on my Cameo 3. I don’t know about you, but it’s a complete game changer. I just love that the Silhouette CAMEO® 3 includes double cartridge capabilities.  Cut and sketch all in one swoop. Pretty rad, right?

Here’s my favorite part about these Faux Leather Paper, as you can see from the feather picture above. It has a slight bend. It’s not stiff like card stock it’s actually pliable (which is exactly how real leather is suppose to be). Isn’t Silhouette a genius?

So I have been on an embroidery kick lately (which relaxes me more than wine…truth) and when I finished this Stay Wild Bear I felt like it needed a flower and definitely a feather and I was able to do so with my Silhouette CAMEO® 3.

If you’re more curios about these leather papers, there are more tutorials on the Silhouette Blog from other crafty talents.

I hope I gave you guys some inspiration, the will to try something new, and to always (and I mean always) stay wild.

Till next time, my crafty peeps. Happy 2017!