For this Silhouette spotlight, we are highlighting Daniela Moscone. She is one of our international artists and has been with us since June 2015. Daniela has over 1,000 designs in the Silhouette Design Store, and she lives in the beautiful city of Rome (“the city of art!” she says enthusiastically).

Daniela first started as a graphic designer over ten years ago for the National Sports Federation of the Italian National Olympic Committee. In 2013, she bought a CAMEO 2 at a local hobby fair. “I was particularly impressed by the potential of the machine. I remember thinking ‘I can cut what I can design!’ So immediately after buying the CAMEO, I began to create my files and publish them in various groups on Facebook, and I got some positive feedback from users. After two years, I decided to try sending my designs to Silhouette, and they invited me to join their team of artists.”

Daniela specializes in 3D projects. “They are complex in design, but the final results are very satisfactory.” She likes to create decorations and favors for children’s parties. “I think there are warring parts in my head. Even though I am 51 years old, a part of me has remained a child—a bit like Peter Pan. That’s probably why I prefer creating designs that children will enjoy.”

When we asked Daniela what she considers to be the inspiration for her work, she said that inspiration “often depends on the mood of the moment. There are days when I am more creative and others in which I am less. It all depends on how external situations stimulate me.” She then added that many ideas come to her when her eyes are closed, such as when she’s in the shower or when she’s about to fall asleep. So she often isolates herself from the world to allow her creative thoughts to flow.

In response to the question “Why do you do what you do?”, Daniela said, “I fall asleep in the evening thinking about what I can draw, and I wake up with the desire to draw those things.” Along the same lines, we asked Daniela what her most amazing moment as an artist has been, and she said, “I haven’t experienced just a single moment. But many amazing moments that I experience are whenever I see my projects being realized by those who buy them.”

To those who are starting out on their creative journeys, Daniela says to “not compare yourselves to anyone else. Just go your own way.”

Browse through Daniela’s designs at the Silhouette Design Store. To learn more about Daniela, you can visit her website: