Have you had a chance to use the Printable Magnet Paper yet? It’s simple to use and you can create custom magnets! Today I am going to show you how I created this Clean/Dirty Dishwasher magnet.


In our house, we often forget if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. Unloading the dishwasher is one of my 9-year-olds chores and he is always confused if the dishes are clean or dirty. This simple and cute magnet helps us stay on track—and it couldn’t be simpler to make!


Dishwasher Magnet


Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Printable Magnet Paper
  • Curio
  • Color printer





Step 1: Open the software and select your designs. Type on “Clean” and “Dirty” text and move them to the selected positions. Insert magnet paper into the printer. When you have the design how you like it, send your design to your personal printer.

Silhouette Software2



Step 2: Trim down magnet paper and place it on the recommended platforms on Curio’s cutting mat.




Step 3: In the software, delete the center design and leave the oval frame set to cut.

Silhouette Software1



Step 4: Adjust blade depth.

Adjust blade



Step 5: To load your platform, insert the base into your Curio, ensuring that the notch is past the front of the machine. Then press the load button (the button with two arrows) and it will position the base perfectly. You can also turn off Curio before inserting the base. After the base is inserted, you can go ahead and power on Curio for cutting. Either way works great.

Power button



Step 6:  After your design is cut, remove the excess and you’ve got a new magnet!

Dishwasher clean and dirty magnet

Dirty Clean Magnet