Have you ever wanted to create your own custom glitter designs but don’t know where to even start? Don’t worry! We are here to help. Check out this awesome tutorial to see how you can use our double-sided adhesive sheets to make a very colorful and sparkly creations, like these butterflies. It’s easier than you think it would be.

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Preparing the Design

1. Open Design ID#124784 in Silhouette Studio® by locating it in your library. Ungroup the design. Place part of the butterfly card shown below on the work space. For your convenience, you can color the butterfly design in the glitter colors you are going to use. The butterfly design is one solid shape, and we need to separate its inner parts to be able to color them.  To do so, select the design, right-click, and select “Release Compound Path.” Then go to the Fill panel, which is located on the right-hand side of the screen, and fill the butterfly parts with the colors of glitter you are going to use.

2. If you want to apply glitter on the both sides of your card, place two butterfly shapes on the working space. For our project, we will apply glitter only on the front of the card.

3. Position a double-sided adhesive sheet (white side up) onto your cutting mat (make sure you pill off the blue protective liner from the cutting mat) and feed it into your Silhouette. Tip: Please note that your mat may be very sticky when you first remove the liner and may cause your material to adhere strongly to the cutting mat. This is normal. The mat will become less sticky the more it is used.

4. In the Material tab of the Send panel, select “Double-Sided Adhesive” as your media. Adjust the blade as indicated (unless you use a machine with an AutoBlade) and click “Send.”

5. Remove your project from the cutting mat, and place it aside for a minute.

6. Place the card base on the work space in the Silhouette Studio®.

7. Position a sheet of white cardstock onto your cutting mat and feed it into the Silhouette machine. Tip: If you use pastel colors of glitter it is better to use white cardstock as a base for you project. Pastel glitter is translucent, and if you use colored cardstock, the pastel glitter colors will blend with it. With the bold glitter colors, you can use colored cardstock because the colors won’t blend.     

8. In the Material tab of the Send panel, select “Cardstock, Plain” as your media. Adjust the blade as indicated (unless you use a machine with an AutoBlade) and click “Send.”

9. Remove your project from the cutting mat.

Step Two: Applying the Glitter

1. Remove the yellow liner from the back of the double-sided adhesive design. Make sure not to remove any adhesive from the white liner.

2. Carefully place the design on the card base with the white liner facing up and press the design into place. Be careful because the double-sided adhesive forms a very strong bond and should be used only for permanent applications.

3. Remove the white liner, but only remove the liner from the parts where you want to apply the same color. We will start with blue glitter.

4. You can place a piece of paper or cardstock under your card that you can easily brush away any excess glitter. Liberally apply the glitter so that you cover the adhesive design.

5. Gently brush away any excess material. You can brush the glitter right back into the jar.

6. Repeat the same steps for each color.

7. Using bold glitter colors, you can make such beautiful butterfly card with such pretty stand-out colors.

The double-sided adhesive is very strong, and you can use it to apply glitter on a variety of projects. Start playing around with the double-sided adhesive sheets, be sure to tell us what you come up with in the comments below!