Hey, all you planner enthusiasts! I know how pretty you guys like your calendars with all the fun stickers, lists, and inserts. I also know how important organization is to you, and how quickly you need to check your calendar these days. I’m here for you with this tutorial!

So, I like experimenting and discovered that Heat Transfer works really well on Cork Sheets! This had my crafty brain going all kinds of directions.  Aren’t you so glad I can be your guinea pig?

Using this new-found knowledge, today we’re going to make a fun Planner Band, which could also be used as a bookmark. But really just because it’s cute.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silhouette CAMEO® or Portrait®
  • Silhouette Cutting Mat 12 x 12 inch
  • Silhouette Cork Sheets
  • Silhouette Glitter Heat Transfer
  • Fold-over Elastic

Step One: Import Design Into Silhouette Studio®

Ice-cream sounded really good when I started this project so I went with this ice-cream cone design (Design ID #63927).

Ungroup the shapes so you can cut each piece out separately. Make sure to resize your page settings to the size of the Cork Sheets (5 in. x 7in.).



Step Two: Cut Each Individual Shape

Choose the Heat Transfer colors you want to use for your scoops of ice-cream and the lines for the cone and let’s get cutting!

1. Cut the entire design outline out of the Cork Sheet.

Make sure to make a duplicate copy of the cone outline and mirror it before you cut. Conveniently, Cork Sheets are adhesive-backed! We will be using this to our advantage to hold the band in place, so we need two cones that will stick together back to back.




2. Cut each scoop of ice-cream and the cone lines.

Choose three different colors of heat transfer for the scoops and cut them individually.  I chose gold glitter for the lines of the cone to show more detail against the cork.


Step Three: Assemble

This is where it all comes together and you realize how everything I instructed you to do makes total sense.

1. Iron the Heat Transfer pieces onto the cork cone.

The only difference in ironing Heat Transfer onto cork rather than fabric was the amount of time needed for adhesion, so you don’t need to press and hold the iron or heat press for quite as long as you would for fabric. Try ten to fifteen seconds.

Follow the directions on the Heat Transfer packaging and use a cloth or Teflon sheet between the iron and the Heat Transfer.

2. Attach the fold-over elastic to the cork.

Using the extra piece of the cone we cut out of cork, press both ends of a pre-measured piece of elastic to the sticky back of it. Then press that to the sticky back of the assembled cone.

I really thought I was going to have to stitch or glue the elastic in between the cork pieces to make sure it would stay but I didn’t. I have been pulling and stretching it (within reason) and it hasn’t moved. I love the simplicity and when a plan comes together!



Do you have any crafty ideas using Silhouette Cork Sheets?