With the holidays coming up, we thought it might be fun to show you how to create your own Christmas ornaments! It’s really easy, and they look really cute when they’re done. Continue reading to see what you need to do!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Making the Stamp

1. Open the Stag design (Design ID#232204) in Silhouette Studio®. Change your page size and cutting mat to the stamp default settings.

2. Remove the liner from the perforated cutting mat.

3. Remove the liner from the stamp material. Place the stamp material onto the mat and gently pat it into place until all the air bubbles are pressed out. Do not stretch or spread the stamp material. Load the mat into your Silhouette machine.

4. Select “Stamp Material” as the material in the Send panel. Adjust the blade to the recommended setting listed in the Action tab. Click “Send” in the Send tab.

5. After the Silhouette machine is done cutting, unload the mat.

6. Gently peel out the stamp. Don’t worry if the blade did not cut all the way through. The material will break away cleanly.

7. Arrange the stamp onto an acrylic block that fits the stamp the best. Use the block’s grid for spacing and alignment.

8. Your stamp is ready to use. Press the stamp into the watermark stamp pad. (It’s normal to get ink on your acrylic block.)

9. When stamping, be sure to press the stamp straight down on a flat surface.

Step Two: Embossing the Ornament

1. Pour the embossing powder on the entire stamped image. Shake the excess powder onto a piece of scrap paper and pour it back into the bottle.

2. Place the wood ornament on a heat-resistant surface or hold it carefully so that you don’t burn your fingers. Hold the embossing heat tool about 6 inches away from the image. Sweep the heat tool over the image and take care not to direct it in one area for too long. As the embossing powder melts, it will become smooth and more dimensional. Be careful not to overheat the powder, otherwise the powder will bubble.

3. When you’re done, wipe away the excess ink or powder with a tissue or paper towel. Rinse and dry the stamp and the acrylic block before you store them.


That’s all there is to it! You can easily do this with a bunch of different images to create a variety of ornaments.

What kind of ornaments do you want to make for the holidays?