Are you looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day this year? You know, THE gift of all gifts. We are confident that going handmade will top any gift you’ve given in past years! Why go handmade? Well, we always seem to remember the handmade sentimental gifts the most. That personal homemade touch seems to add something to a gift that you just can’t buy in a store. We’ve compiled 6 adorable Father’s Day gift ideas that can be made with the CAMEO 3.


ONE: Father’s Day desk calendar

Alright, it doesn’t get much cuter than this: a completely personalized desk calendar for Dad. There are so many reasons to love this project. One of those reasons is functionality. I don’t know about you but I am big on giving a gift that can actually be used (and bonus points for it being ADORABLE). Christine shows us how to get the look easily with a CAMEO 3.  Another reason to love this DIY desk calendar? Easily change out the months with those perfect little clothespins. You can find out all of the details on this desk calendar on Christine’s blog.


TWO: Children’s art turned coffee mug

You know those times when you see something that leaves you in a puddle on the floor? Well, this is one of those times, people. This children’s art turned coffee mug has my whole heart. I love that Dad will get to think fondly back on the little child that drew this masterpiece every time he takes a sip out of his mug for years to come. To sum up why you should make this gift for dad in three words: functional, inexpensive, & darling. Brittany’s great tutorial can be found over here.


THREE: Dad toolbox card


This classic red toolbox just screams dad doesn’t it? Let’s face it, dads love tools. I think my dad might love tools more than me. Kidding, but kind of serious. Dad will LOVE this personalized card made to look like a toolbox. This gift is so well put together and easy to make. You can find Jeana’s tutorial here.


FOUR: BBQ gift basket with personalized seasoning jars

My husband is passionate about smoking meat. He would do it for a full-time job if someone would pay him to do it. I knew I needed to focus on this passion to knock this year’s Father’s Day gift out of the park. He loves to use homemade spice rubs, so I made it easy on both us (since I always have to mix up the rubs) by making individual jars for 3 of our favorite rubs. I labeled them with my CAMEO 3. Find out the details on this cute little BBQ set here.


FIVE: Personalized grilling apron


I think aprons are great because they can be both cute and usable! That makes an apron a perfect gift in my book. Dad will feel like a stud grillin’ in this gift.  Did I mention simple? This Chillin’ and Grillin’ apron  might just be the easiest project of all time. I love the ease of use that the Silhouette heat transfer offers my iron on projects. The step-by-step tutorial for this Father’s Day project can be found here on our blog!


SIX: Handmade fish Father’s Day card

Whether Dad likes to fish or not, this beautiful card will be sure to make him smile! We love the simplicity this card has and the statement it makes. Dad will remember this card for years to come. Find Kalyn Kepner’s easy to follow details here.


SEVEN: Father’s Day firecrackers

Kelly has a darling gift that any dad would LOVE! Personalize these firecracker boxes by filling them with Dad’s favorite treats or snacks. You can get all the details here.

Show Dad how much you really care about him this year by making him a personalized gift with your CAMEO. It’s easy, budget friendly, and heartfelt! Does it really get better than that?! The men in your life will undoubtedly feel the love with these handmade gifts.